Having Trouble Sleeping While Pregnant

It occurs to many women that they have many problems with their night's sleep during pregnancy. The causes of this range from a wrong hormone balance to physical discomfort due to the shape of the abdomen. The most important causes of the night's rest are divided into the three trimesters of pregnancy.

During the first trimester of pregnancy, sleep problems are generally very small. The main inconveniences come from the fact that the woman often has to get up at night to go to the toilet. In addition, there is also the psychological impact of pregnancy that can keep some women awake at night. Finally, daytime fatigue plays a major role. This forces some women to take a nap during the day with the result that these women sleep less well at night.

 It occurs to many women that they have many problems with their night Having Trouble Sleeping While Pregnant

The nightly visits to the toilet decrease during the second trimester because the baby is slightly larger and is more above the bladder instead of just on top of the bladder. But for some women sleeping during pregnancy is difficult, so they often get up at night.

During the third and jawaban trimester, the future mother may lose a lot of sleep due to the size of her own belly. The baby is now about at its largest and because of that the belly of the mama is greatly expanded. In addition, many women feel bad because of pain in the legs or in the chest. This also has no positive effect on the night's sleep. Because the baby has grown a lot, it is again fully against your bladder. With every movement the baby makes, there is a chance that you will have to go to the toilet again.

What can i take to help me sleep while pregnant ?

When the loss of night's sleep results in the rinses, you should consult a doctor. But you always first take these tips to heart before you consult a doctor.
  1. Make sure you get enough exercise during your pregnancy, so you can make sure you are less drowsy during the day and tired at night.
  2. The use of extra pillows can improve or even remedy a difficult or painful position. This helps especially when you put pillows under your back and legs.
  3. A glass of warm milk and some biscuits can calm the stomach, improving your night's sleep.

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