Hallux Valgus Surgery - What Is Hallux Valgus? - Health Article

Hallux Valgus Surgery - What Is Hallux Valgus?

What is hallux valgus?

At a hallux valgus is your big toe, more and more inclined to the other toes. On the inside of your foot, you get a lump. The foot is enlarged and is sticking to sit in shoes.
The lump may hurt, swell and turn red. This is called a bunion. It's a bursitis. Also the toe next to the big toe may hurt. Another name for hallux valgus is knok.

Hallux valgus is created by high-heeled shoes, narrow shoes, genetic predisposition or other abnormalities of the foot. A doctor diagnosed by the foot. Sometimes a chest x-ray.

The complaints by good shoes to run: flat shoes with a wide front foot of soft leather and without seams on the site of the nodule. Orthotics, custom or orthopedic shoes can also help. For this kind of adjustments, go to a Podiatrist. That can also give you a splint for night time.

Some people continue to keep complaints. Then, surgery is often the only solution.

 more and more inclined to the other toes Hallux Valgus Surgery - What Is Hallux Valgus?

What happens when a hallux valgus surgery?

You continue for surgery of hallux valgus about a day in the hospital. You will receive local anesthesia, sometimes with an epidural. The anesthesiologist will discuss this with you beforehand.

The operation takes a half hour to an hour. Then you get a walking cast or a bandage shoe. If you are treated with the minimal scar technique, then remains at this 2 weeks, followed by a removable brace for another 2 weeks. In other techniques, this takes up to 6 weeks. The first time after the operation it is convenient to use crutches. Put the foot which first weeks of regular high and try to move the toes.

In a hallux surgery there is a risk of the following complications:
  1. Numbness or loss of feeling in the foot. Sometimes that over, sometimes not.
  2. Bleeding or wound infection.
  3. Thrombosis is because you have a lot after surgery.
  4. A painful and stiff joints.
  5. Too much or too little correction of the toe.
In what situations you should alert your doctor?
  1. The wound will leak.
  2. The wound is getting thicker.
  3. The wound will be doing more and more pain.
  4. You develop a fever over 38.5 ° C.
Most people can six weeks after surgery returned to normal use of their feet and back to work. Exercise may only after three months.

The hallux unfortunately after surgery still come back.

 more and more inclined to the other toes Hallux Valgus Surgery - What Is Hallux Valgus?

Frequently asked questions about minimally invasive technique for hallux valgus

What is the minimally invasive technique in hallux valgus?
In this technique the surgeon shall not expose the entire toe, but he works through small incisions in the toe. This technique creates less scar, less pain and shorter plaster. As a result, you can more quickly in a normal shoe.

The minimally invasive technique can always be applied?
No, sometimes the surgeon, according to the traditional, open technique the toe well put. This has to do with the size of the misalignment. The results of the traditional operation in the long run just as good as the minimally invasive technique. The advantage of the new technique is particularly the shorter rehabilitation time.

What are the complications with this technique?
The complications are the same as for the standard surgery.

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