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Glaucoma Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

What is glaucoma?

Glaucoma is an eye disease in which damage to the optic nerve. Usually it is because the pressure in the eye is too high. Without treatment, you may be visually impaired or blind by glaucoma.

Glaucoma occurs when there is too much fluid in the eye. Eyes contain not only lacrimal fluid (on the outside), but also moisture on the inside (water chamber). This moisture gives the eye its spherical shape. The eye constantly makes new moisture and carries old moisture. If there is more moisture in the eye will then go out of it, the pressure in the eye increases.

There are several forms of glaucoma. Glaucoma can be a single disease, but can also be caused by other eye disease. The disease may be acute, but also chronic. In some people, glaucoma is congenital, others created the disease in later life.

For most people the symptoms occur very gradually. This is treacherous because you probably will not notice for a long time that something in the eye is going on. You only get problems if the optic nerve is already badly damaged.

Glaucoma is most common in people over forty. The disease can be treated if you are there on time. So if you know that glaucoma in your family history, it is wise to regularly scan your eyes.

What you will notice from glaucoma?

Most people with glaucoma do not know for a long time that they have this eye disease. This is because they have no pain and the eyes very slowly deteriorate.

Glaucoma occurs in most people in both eyes at the same time. Very gradually disappear there are parts from the field of view. That starts on the outside of the field of view, with most people on the side of the nose. The Central see remains the longest well. You can, for example, for a very long time so well read and recognize faces.

In acute glaucoma are the symptoms be really clear. You have severe pain in and around your eye, the eye is red and you see blurry. It may be that you colored circles to lamps. Also, you can have headaches and a queasy feeling.

How do you get glaucoma?

Causes of glaucoma
Glaucoma usually occurs by an increased pressure in the eye. Those high eye pressure occurs when the eye fluids is not well drained. By the high eye pressure is the optic nerve in a fix. As a result, he gradually damages. Is the optic nerve at all damaged, then he can no more images to the brain. The eye is blind.

Not all people with glaucoma have elevated eye pressure. For some, the eye pressure is normal. The cause of glaucoma is not always precisely known.

What is known is that some people are more likely on glaucoma:
  1. People who have glaucoma in the family.
  2. People over forty: the older the more chances of glaucoma.
  3. People who are severely nearsighted or farsighted seriously.
  4. People with dark skin color.
  5. People who have problems with their blood vessels, for example by a high or low blood pressure or diabetes.
  6. People who, for example, the eye is damaged by an accident or a tumor.

What are the signs and symptoms of glaucoma?

 Glaucoma is an eye disease in which damage to the optic nerve Glaucoma Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Many people with glaucoma have long time no complaints. As a result, they discover only late that they have the disease.

Do you have an increased risk of glaucoma? It is important to regularly check your eyes. The ophthalmologist can detect the disease at an early stage and quickly start a treatment.

In acute glaucoma the complaints are clear. You have pain, your eye is red and you are going to blurred vision. You feel sick. The eye can also quickly be damaged. Therefore, it is important to with these complaints quickly to the physician.
  1. In a study of glaucoma the doctor will:
  2. your eye pressure;
  3. your field investigations;
  4. check your optic nerve.

What is the treatment for glaucoma?

In glaucoma by too high eye pressure, try the eye doctor to reduce eye pressure. That can be done in several ways.
  1. With medication. Usually these are eye drops, sometimes tablets.
  2. With a laser treatment. If medicines do not help enough you can get a laser treatment. The Interior eye fluids can then better run off.
  3. With surgery. A glaucoma surgery should also improve the drainage of the eye fluids.
These treatments prevent further damaged the optic nerve. The damage that is already there, is no longer to recover.

Living with glaucoma

In glaucoma, it is important to quickly begin treatment. With proper treatment, you can ensure that your eyes do not further deteriorate. Go to the eye doctor on a regular basis for control, always take your medicines and take them regularly.

Also healthy lifestyle and healthy diet are important. Make sure that your body is in good condition.

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