Frequent Nosebleeds : What Causes A Nosebleed For No Reason ?

A nosebleed can have many causes, but is generally quite harmless. You should not start to worry until you get a bloody nose on a regular basis. When you get a bloody nose without a clear reason, we speak of a spontaneous nosebleed.

Most nosebleeds occur in the nasal septum or septum nasi. That is the semi-hard wall that separates two nose ducts. The nasal septum contains blood vessels that break easily at a stroke on the nose, nose nose or the nose blowing. This nasal bleeding is therefore in the front of the nose. The blood runs out of the nose and can occur on one side of the nose or on two sides.

 You should not start to worry until you get a bloody nose on a regular basis Frequent Nosebleeds : What causes a Nosebleed for no reason ?

The nose noses that occur in the back of the nose are rarer. In this case, the blood flows to the throat, even if the person is sitting or standing. This type of nosebleed needs immediate medical attention.

Nose bleeding due to dehydration

But it is also possible that the inside of the nose is dehydrated. This may be due to a dry climate or a heated indoor air, causing the nasal membranes to dry out and creating hard scabs that can puncture and start bleeding.

Nose bleeding due to medicines

The use of certain medications can also cause nosebleeds. This includes nasal spray, certain medications for hay fever and aspirin, that thins the blood and a number of other medications.

You can also get a nosebleed if you are at a high altitude or if there is a sudden change in pressure, for example when taking off the plane or under water.


Colds, medication, allergies and calcium deficiency are other causes of a bloody nose. Frequently getting a nosebleed can indicate an underlying condition, such as cancer, high blood pressure, anemia, heart failure, a blood disorder or a disorder of the arteries.

Pregnant women are more likely to suffer from a bloody nose. That is because the hormone progesterone thins the blood vessels. During pregnancy, the woman also has more blood in her body. People with a vitamin C or vitamin K deficiency are also more likely to suffer from a bloody nose.

Nose bleeding due to nasal injury

The cause of a bloody nose is usually a burst blood vessel. This can be the result of a blow or bump against the nose or an object in the nose, for example your fingers when you are nose-roping.

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