Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (Fas)

What is fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS)?

Babies with fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) have a typical face, behavioral problems and low intelligence. The reason is that their mother during her pregnancy consumed alcohol.

Some children with FAS are mentally retarded. Most are hyperactive and have learning disabilities and behavioral problems. The appearance of children with FAS are often typical: a small head, a little slanted eyes, low set ears, a thin upper lip and a large distance between the nose and upper lip. They are small and thin and grow poorly.
The brains are often smaller than that of healthy children. In addition, children with fetal alcohol syndrome have abnormalities in their hearts or kidneys.
When milder forms of FAS is to look normal, but there are behavioral problems.

Expectant mothers who daily more than two units of alcohol are at high risk of having a baby with fetal alcohol syndrome. The children grow well eg, get a lower IQ or behavioral problems.

Foetal alcohol syndrome is not curable. There is a way to avoid it: do not drink during pregnancy.

 behavioral problems and low intelligence Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)

Behavioural problems in fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS)

It can be done by having long for parents that their child FAS. Because their mother is often addicted, many children with fetal alcohol syndrome adopted or placed in foster care. If the child has behavioral problems, new parents often think that this is due to neglect or abuse.

Typical problems of children with FAS are:
  1. low IQ or mental disability;
  2. learning difficulties such as dyslexia;
  3. hyperactivity;
  4. sexual behavior and cross borders, from an early age;
  5. poor judgment, can not make good decisions;
  6. quickly become addicted (especially to alcohol);
  7. difficulty in communication (for example make clear what they want);
  8. autistic traits.
Few children with a full fetal alcohol syndrome can eventually take care of themselves. Most need throughout their lives guidance.

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