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Effect Of Diet On Cardiovascular Disease

That also makes sense intuitively what is becoming clearer by scientific research: the great influence of what we eat on our bodies. Particularly cardiovascular disease in recent decades has increased dramatically and this is forcing us to look at the causes.

 That also makes sense intuitively what is becoming clearer by scientific research Effect of diet on cardiovascular disease

In addition to lifestyle (stress) and genetic predisposition is that what we eat partly to blame for the occurrence of disturbances in the heart and / or vessels. Were we firmly believe in the beginning that this was because a high cholesterol level in the blood, by further research, we now know that many times is more complicated than we thought.

The body always does everything possible to restore the balance and is very inventive in regulating internal processes. When we finally get sick it is because we have not listened to what has indicated the body. The body can not but be ill at a given time in order to restore the balance.

What we know now is that disease usually start with a small infection or unevenness to a vessel somewhere. As fatty components, continue to adhere to (cholesterol and long-chain fatty acids) which will clog the bunch run with all its consequences.

The solution in the diet is more balanced eating, choosing healthy fats (fish, nuts, olive oil, seeds) in the right proportion, and help the body by removing the inflammation and fat deposits. Here help antioxidants (many fruits and vegetables) and detoxification (drink lots of water).

Where we are in the West, accustomed to scientific spectacles through which we have learned to look, hardly aware of the effect of our thinking on our health. Thoughts are in fact energies which are converted to electric currents in our brains. This we can demonstrate our scientific equipment. They are so physically manifest in our body. That energy is going anywhere, depending on where we think. Positive energy is healing and negative energy breaks. How can something logical. How do you stimulate a child to a greater performance: by-judgmental critical to run after his performance or by being positive constructive? So it works with your attitude towards your body too.

The most powerful think-energy healing work for the body is the energy of gratitude. Think of a child with big eyes of gratitude to your look whether you're flying around the neck. You want to automatically give more. Thus, it is in the life as well. Gratitude to your body increase, which has picked up so fantastic years which apparently did not go well, is healing in the body.

What you should know this moment is that the word 'not' has no energy. So the thought 'if I do not get a heart attack "will backfire because the word' not 'has no physical translation (logical). Then in fact remains: 'if I get a heart attack. "After years of having the fear of a heart attack, kept alive with the phrase, "if I do not get a heart attack ', you can congratulate yourself when you finally have a heart attack: it worked! So powerful work thoughts.

By yourself so to inculcate what you want to do: for example, healthy and happy old, you have great chance to get that too. Of course other factors also influence and you can not force life with your thoughts.

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