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Eating Disorders : Symptoms And Treatments For Anorexia

What is anorexia ?

In anorexia are you always very afraid of becoming fat. Even if you weigh much less than what is normal and healthy for your age and height, anyway do you feel abnormally thick. You think all day to eat and lose weight.
Anorexia is a serious disease. It's a kind of addiction to ever to be skinnier. That gives a sense of control. It is often a way of dealing with problems to go.

The people in your area find it not good that you so extreme aligns. They try your food properly. To not having to eat do you use therefore all sorts of tricks to not having to eat. You say for example that you just ate or you throw food away. Or you eat of those findings and give afterwards about it.

You may not to come sport fanatic. Or you walk always some extra if you are going somewhere. Some anorexic patients about if they have eaten or use laxatives.

By your low weight can delay your period. The body does this to conserve energy.

Causes of eating disorders

An eating disorder usually occurs through a combination of physical causes, what you are going through in your life and your personal properties.

*An important physical cause is heredity. Come eating disorders in your family for? Then you have a greater chance to get an eating disorder.
*Your life can suddenly change by certain events and experiences. That can make sure that you get an eating disorder. Also shocking events may play a role in the development of an eating disorder. For example, violence or sexual abuse.
Eating disorders usually occur in or after puberty. A period with major changes. The eating disorder can be a response to those changes.
*Your personal qualities play a big role in causing anorexia or bulimia. People with anorexia and bulimia think very negatively about themselves and have low self esteem. You want everything always do very well and are afraid to be rejected. Express your emotions you find difficult and you feel often depressed.

 In anorexia are you always very afraid of becoming fat Eating Disorders : Symptoms And Treatments For Anorexia

What are the symptoms of anorexia ?

When diagnosing anorexia does anyone have the following symptoms:

*Eat less than is necessary to keep on weight. Anorexia patients are underweight.
*Great fear to arrive or becoming fat.
*The body shape and weight otherwise experience. In anorexia deny patients that their weight is too low. Weight and body shape determine how someone with anorexia thinks about himself.

Some people with anorexia have no cravings, bingeing and then provide about or other do have use laxatives.

Is an eating disorder really ?

An eating disorder is a serious illness. There is treatment to be cured.

If an eating disorder is long, this could have serious consequences. Some consequences are even life threatening.

*For example, Physical effects include cardiac arrhythmias, are no longer menstruating, nausea, stomach pain and kidney problems.
*For example, psychological effects include depression, anxiety and memory problems.
*For example, social consequences are: problems in the relationship or the family, at school or at work, dissatisfaction with sexuality and loneliness.

Treatment for anorexia

It may be difficult for you to get you to get treatment for anorexia. Therefore, a visit to the family doctor is an important first step. Often is anorexia too serious for treatment at the family doctor. Your GP will you recommend to get you through a specialized Center for eating disorders to seek treatment.

The therapy of an eating disorder often begins with teaching a healthy eating pattern. Step by step you will learn to eat normally again. It is important that your weight is healthy again. You will also learn how to cope with the fear you have when eating. In a food diary you write on what and when you eat, and what you felt or thought. That helps to adjust your eating behavior.

Further you go together with your practitioner to look at how it is that you have an eating disorder. For example, do you think negative about yourself? You can deal with bad voltages? You have a lot of grief? This can all be causes of the eating disorder. Attention is paid to uncertainty, perfectionism and problems at home. It is very important to the mental health problems to deal with. So you reduce the chance that the anorexia comes back. Some people with anorexia also get medications. For example they very very depressed.

Studies in an eating problem

Your doctor knows many people with an eating disorder. It's good to talk about the following things together:

*your diet, binge eating, vomiting
*how you think about your body
*your lowest and your highest weight in the last few years
*changes in menstrual
*use of medications
*use of alcohol
*exercise and sports

From the discussion with your doctor will be clear if you have an eating disorder or an eating disorder. Maybe let your doctor do blood and urine tests.

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