Dysphasia Definition: What Is Dysphasia In Children?

What is dysphasia?

A child with dysphasia understands others though, but talk very little or very bad. That's going to stand out as the child about two-eenhalf or three years old. Even after that is not better with talk. Where does a child with dysphasia even more suffer from?
  1. The child knows few words and cannot properly tell a clear story. All of a sudden he jumps from one subject to the other subject.
  2. The child is bad.
  3. For a child with dysphasia is difficult to have a conversation with another. He tells prefer something from itself.
  4. Many children with dysphasia also have problems moving (motor problems).
Dysphasia occurs probably by a disorder in the development of the brain.

Are you concerned about your child's language development? Your family doctor may refer you to a speech therapist or to an audiological Center.

Dysphasia is not about. Your child will always have trouble with speaking. But there are a few ways to make sure your child is not too far behind. An example is the method of Söderbergh. The speech therapist brings than the voice of your child on the first learning to read.

Dysphasia is a language disorder.

 A child with dysphasia understands others though Dysphasia Definition: What Is Dysphasia In Children?

Dysphasia and other disorders

Dysphasia often goes along with other problems. Many children with dysphasia also have problems in reading, spelling, math or writing (for example, dyslexia).

Also move problems often occur together with dysphasia. For example, the child has trouble with cycling, swimming, laces bows, cut and writing.

Furthermore, many children with dysphasia behavior problems. The worse the child speaks, the more likely this is. By dysphasia the child may express not good. That is frustrating for the child.

Finally, dysphasia go hand in hand with intellectual disabilities, such as Down syndrome or fragile X syndrome. Dysphasia also occurs in boys with Klinefelter Syndrome.

Treatment of children with dysphasia

The treatment for children with dysphasia does not exist. Every child has different problems and so also another need treatment.

A speech therapist can help your child learn to speak better. They can use several methods. A method that speech therapists often use when dysphasia is the read method of Söderbergh. In this method, the child learns to read before it learns to talk. Children starting from three years learning in groups read. By learning read children get a picture with the words. This can help you learn.
This method is not suitable for all children with dysphasia. For example, some children have dyslexia. They also have difficulty reading.

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