Dyscalculia Symptoms And Treatment

What is dyscalculia?

Dyscalculia literally means not good at math. Children with dyscalculia have no sense of numbers. They have serious difficulty with the rules of arithmetic. Even after many successful practice they do not charge a sum well. This is because they do not automatically solve a sum using the appropriate steps.

Nevertheless, children with dyscalculia often have normal intelligence. In that aspect much dyscalculia dyslexia. The two problems also occur regularly at the same time.

What exactly is the cause of dyscalculia is not known.

Dyscalculia symptoms

 Dyscalculia literally means not good at math Dyscalculia Symptoms And Treatment

What are symptoms of dyscalculia? Often children with dyscalculia the following problems:
  1. They have difficulty learning the tables.
  2. They count on their fingers for a long time.
  3. They have trouble with sums of numbers above 10 (12-4; 18+5).
  4. They lack the basic knowledge of arithmetic.
  5. They understand the gradual approach does not count.
  6. They see the site of a number on the number line not for themselves.
  7. They run numbers often.
  8. They can not be underestimated.
  9. They can not tell time.
  10. They find it difficult to read large numbers.

Dyscalculia treatment

To find out if your child has, dyscalculia is a comprehensive examination by a dyscalculiedeskundige. Your child's school can help you to a reliable address.

At the dyscalculiedeskundige you can also for treatment. This practice with your child the calculation rules. Back at school, your child help of the remedial teacher (RT). Important is that your child will learn one way of count and not several because that is confusing.

Adaptations for children with dyscalculia

For children with dyscalculia at school the following adjustments are possible:
  1. The Director of a school during keys may take into account the limitation of an apprentice. For example, the child may get extra time for a math test.
  2. The student is entitled to a half hour extra exam time in parts of the Central exams where count is important.
  3. The student may choose a profile without mathematics.

Allowances for dyscalculia

Most health insurance policies do not charge for the cost of dyscalculia research and dyscalculia treatment. Some health insurance policies reimburse the costs of an investigation dyscalculia. The child must then also have other problems, such as anxiety or motivational problems. Inquire in advance at your health care provider.

Maybe you can get reimbursed part of the costs of dyscalculia research fund. Such reimbursement is dependent on the income of the parents.

Do you get any compensation? You can deduct the cost of the tax.

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