Diazepam Effects - What Is Diazepam Used For ?

What is diazepam ?

Diazepam (also known under the merk names Valium, and Stesolid Diazemuls) is a drug belonging to the group of the benzodiazepines. The drug was particularly popular in the seventies and eighties. It was then prescribed as "harmless" tranquillizers and hypnotic. Even today it is used on a large scale, although nowadays more reticent with the prescription of these calming and making sleepy resources and if necessary would rather prescribe shorter-acting forms such as temazepam or oxazepam, for up to a week or two.

Diazepam is toxicologically harmless because of the large therapeutic window. This means that about one-time large dosages are not life-threatening, the risk of dependence is large.

Diazepam effects

After intake is quickly into the bloodstream. Like the other benzodiazepines has the substance the following effects:

-Makes sleepy
-Calming effect
-Muscle relaxant (danger events in elderly)
-Reduction of anxiety (anxiolytic)
-Reduction of stress

Diazepam dosage

Diazepam is usually processed in tablets of 2 mg, 5 mg and 10 mg intended for oral use. Also, tubes, suppositories and rektiolen (liquid) available. The rektiolen must be inserted rectally and slowly empty be pinched. A rektiool gives less side effects and a faster operation. It is to be the liquid at least 15 mins within and the rektiool insertion at a time that one would not normally visit the toilet. Also there are forms available for injection into a muscle (intramuscular) or in a vein (intravenously). It works at intravenous administration strong stinging on the artery wall; intramuscular administration is also painful. It is also used for docking and prevention of epileptic seizures and febrile seizures. For acute help with an epileptic seizure one uses frequently 50 mg diazepam intravenous (into the vein).

Diazepam side effects

These are directly related to the operation. The main side effects are: drowsiness, muscle relaxation and/or memory loss. These effects are enhanced by the use of alcohol. One should note that this drug affects the concentration: caution when driving, operating machinery, and other cases in which one must concentrate, is advised. Especially for the elderly they should use a shorter better working medium related to the higher risk of traffic accidents. The drug has a half-life that can add up to more than 24 hours. This means that the Center still continues even after a night's sleep. Daily use, especially high doses of diazepam, can cause a half-life up to 100 hours. This is also called a ' stack ' operation. (the diazepam is not yet from the blood and there's been a new (high) dosage taken. Tolerance (need a higher dose for the same effect) may already occur after a few weeks. Other side effects include:

-Numbed emotions and emotions (the damping effect can also affect the experience of pleasure, enjoying things and the like)
-Weight gain and increased appetite (unfavorable for people with (for instance) diabetes mellitus, type II)
-Less need for sexuality (especially at higher doses and / or at the beginning of treatment)
-Lowered blood pressure
-Demotivation and laziness
-Dry mouth and hangover feeling upon waking
-Forgetfulness (especially in the beginning and at high doses)
-Dangerous and irresponsible behavior (drinking alcohol)


Newborn babies can after birth suffer from long-term use of benzodiazepines by the mother during pregnancy, in the sense that they are the effects continue to show a few days (weak, sleepy, sucking little strong) and then can get a while withdrawal symptoms. About harmful long-term effects are insufficient data, although no abnormalities have been detected so far. Diazepam during use is also found in breast milk, however, preference is given to bottle-feeding during the treatment.

Discontinue use of diazepam

With abrupt discontinuation of treatment may be withdrawal symptoms because dependence arose. Withdrawal can be done safely by the dosage gradually to sneak out a few milligrams less per week. It is often difficult to motivate patients to do so. With prolonged use of high doses is especially recommended a slower reduction to avoid prolonged withdrawal symptoms, the so-called "post-withdrawal syndrome" If possible, can be constructed movement (mainly sports and fitness), while diazepam is reduced. This can have a beneficial effect on the duration of the reduction or the intensity of withdrawal symptoms.


Diazepam is sometimes abused by young people as a stimulant. To strengthen the effect of the pills are swallowed (oral), but crushed and sniffed the nose. The effect, as well as the side effects are much stronger. In particular, memory loss is often detected. Diazepam is also sometimes abused by humans in order to maintain a different addiction. For example, in alcoholics who still wean using diazepam, diazepam knowing still have at home and therefore drink. It can also be misused to dampen the negative effects of stimulatory agents such as amphetamine, cocaine, or large amounts of energy drinks and therefore use more of these drugs than they normally would. Abuse also occurs in the other benzodiazepines such as clorazepate, oxazepam, temazepam and the like. Diazepam is the benzodiazepine most traded illegally in relation to other benzodiazepines. There is diazepam mostly from Asian countries in circulation that may be of inferior quality and therefore may contain harmful substances.

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