Cystitis And Treatment : Bladder Infection In Women And In Men - Health Article

Cystitis And Treatment : Bladder Infection In Women And In Men

Most people, but especially women, have already had a bladder infection. A bladder infection in not only tedious and even painful, if left untreated it can have serious consequences. That is why it is important that you know what a bladder inflammation is and how you should treat it. What is a bladder infection?

A bladder infection or cystitis is an infection on the urinary tract and the bladder. It can be a bacterial infection, a viral infection, or an inflammation as a result of irritation or damage to the bladder.The symptoms of a bladder infection are clear and leave little doubt whether or not it is a bladder infection: you must urinate frequently and urgently and urinate feels painful and burning. Often you have a nagging pain between two visits to the toilet. If a bladder infection is not treated, it can cause an infection to the kidneys.

 A bladder infection in not only tedious and even painful Cystitis And Treatment : Bladder Infection In Women And In Men

Bladder infection (Cystitis) in men

Bladder infections in men are less common, but generally more serious. The infection is caused by an infection in the bladder or the prostate, or by an obstruction of the urinary tract, such as a tumor or an enlarged prostate. Because most older men suffer from prostate enlargement, they belong to one of the risk groups. Homosexual men are also more likely to have a bladder infection.

Bladder infection (Cystitis) in women

Women are more likely to suffer from bladder infections than men, because their urethra is shorter and the opening is close to the anus. The latter is important because it allows the bacteria from the anus to reach the bladder more easily in order to cause an infection. Almost every woman has a bladder infection at least once in her life. In one in five women who have ever had a bladder infection, the infection even comes back regularly. Cystitis can occur at any age, but the risk groups are pregnant women, women who are sexually active and postmenopausal women.

Bladder infection (Cystitis) treatment

A mild bladder infection is easy to treat. Women who recognize the infection themselves can also treat it themselves at home by drinking plenty of water, resting well and getting the right medication at the pharmacy. Women who have bladder inflammation for the first time, children and men should always visit a doctor for an investigation and advice. Those who have bladder inflammation more than three times a year, can be examined by the general practitioner.

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