Custom Made Shoe

The orthopedic custom made shoe differs from "normal bespoke shoe" in that it is made by an orthopedic shoemaker. Each bespoke shoe is made individually, but only the orthopedic custom made shoe has the task to alleviate defined health problems, to compensate for limitations to stabilize to correct misalignments to normalize the gait, relieve pain or prevent aggravation. The regulation of an orthopedic custom made shoe must be made by a physician stating the diagnosis and the necessary changes to the shoe. Often no bespoke shoe is on changes in the foot but necessary, other means may deposit his shoe modifications to existing ready-made shoes or orthopedic standard shoes, the so z. B. for diabetes patients already have soft cushioning and a seamless finish, but does not have to be made ​​individually and thus are also significantly cheaper.

To produce a kafe must be, made first which occurs by means of fingerprint (such as plaster cast) as far as possible in the position of the foot to be achieved. These bars, then made the shoe which is often schafthoch, but also as shoe or boots can - be made according to the regulation. There are also special adaptations, such as a soft insole, reinforcements, cut-outs, or soles roles.

Typical regulations for bespoke shoes are heavy foot deformities, paralysis, diabetes mellitus, open wounds or amputations in the foot area with partially still preserved remaining foot.

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