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Copd Disease Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

What Is COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)?

COPD is the name for two diseases in which the lungs no longer works: emphysema and chronic bronchitis. The main complaints are chest tightness and coughing.

COPD cannot be cured. It is a chronic disease. But on the complaints is something to do.

COPD is the abbreviation of the English name chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

What Are The Symptoms of COPD Disease?

 COPD is the name for two diseases in which the lungs no longer works COPD Disease Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

COPD starts usually pass over forty. What complaints do you have if you have COPD?
  1. You are always stuffy.
  2. You need a lot of coughing. This is because there a lot of mucus in your lungs.
  3. You will soon get breath shortages and should thereby often panting. Some people have a wheezing.
  4. You are often tired. That's because of the trouble and because your body fights the inflammation in the lungs.
  5. The COPD is severe, then it goes fast reverse your condition. Your muscles become Slacker and you can less and less.

What Causes COPD Disease?

In COPD is the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract constantly inflamed. Because of this, especially the small branches of the airways (bronchi) damaged.

How do you get COPD disease?
  1. COPD is generally because someone has smoked cigarettes for years.
  2. In some people the disease is another cause of COPD. Examples are frequent attacks of acute bronchitis, pneumonia or many genetic disease Alpha-1. People with asthma who also have COPD can not be handled properly.
  3. Even years toxins or inhale small particles can cause COPD disease. For example wood dust, exhaust fumes, chemicals, asbestos or cigarette smoke of others.
On the website of the Long Fund (formerly: Asthma Foundation) is a risk test COPD. When you answer the ten questions on the test, you know how many chances you have to get COPD.

How Does The Doctor Determines That You Have COPD?

How is COPD Diagnosed?
To find out if you have COPD, the doctor asks about your symptoms and she listens to your lungs. When pulmonologist you get a lung function test. Other studies that you might get are:
  1. compliance research;
  2. X-ray examination;
  3. a lung scan.

What Is The Treatment For COPD?

COPD never goes on. Medications can make you look less bothering you. You get bronchodilators against the stuffiness. And mostly also airway protectors (corticosteroids) against inflammation. Most of these medications you should inhale. But the drugs also come in tablet form.

What can you do to be less bothered by COPD?
  1. Stop smoking. You will immediately feel healthier. It's never too late to stop. Also, make sure no one smokes in places where you often does.
  2. Take enough exercise. Many people with COPD avoid effort. They are afraid of trouble. But movement is good for your lungs. Some physical therapists are specialized in the accompaniment of people with COPD. They can also learn exercises that you can use in attacks of trouble.
  3. Eat healthy. Many people with COPD are too skinny. This is not healthy. Talk to your doctor or dietitian what you should eat to maintain a healthy weight.
  4. Get a flu shot every year. People with COPD have poor resistance. They can be very ill have a touch of the flu.
  5. Do you constantly stuffy? Then you will have a lot to oxygen therapy. You will then get an oxygen bottle for home.
Sometimes it helps a surgery in which the surgeon takes away the diseased part of the lungs (this is called longvolume reduction). Your lung is smaller but works better. This helps temporarily.

Very rarely, people with COPD get a lung transplant. This major surgery can only in people with a fairly good condition.

Treatment In An Asthma or COPD Center

Sometimes help medications and not enough physical therapy in asthma or COPD. You regularly with lung symptoms to hospital for additional treatment, you can get help from the asthma Center or a Center for lung disease.

The treatment in an asthma Center consists of:
  1. Breathing training.
  2. Improvement in your condition.
  3. Learn to cope with your illness.
Children with COPD or asthma can head to an asthma treatment clinic. Many hospitals have a special Department for children with lung COPD or asthma.

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