Cluster Headache Symptoms And Treatment : What Is A Cluster Headache?

What is a cluster headache?

Cluster headache is a rare and severe form of headache. It occurs in clusters of seizures. People have weeks or months many headaches and then again for months or even years without attacks. Cluster headaches can also be chronic. Then someone almost daily attacks, all year round.

There are two treatments that work in cluster headache:
  1. injections of certain drugs;
  2. breathe pure oxygen from an oxygen cylinder.
It also helps to avoid the following:
  1. alcohol;
  2. afternoon naps;
  3. drugs that dilate blood vessels;
  4. high altitude (mountains or plane).
Because these things can trigger an attack.

Cluster headache symptoms

 Cluster headache is a rare and severe form of headache Cluster Headache Symptoms And Treatment : What Is A Cluster Headache?

Many people with cluster headaches feel a headache coming attack. They then get red and watery eyes or pins and needles in the face. Whether they are for example, anxious, restless and tired.

What do you feel during an attack?
  1. You have severe pain on one side of the head. The sharp pain begins suddenly, almost always at night while you sleep.
  2. On the side of the headache you suffer from red or tearing eye, a runny or stuffy nose, a swollen or drooping eyelid, and / or sweat on the forehead. The pupil is constricted.
Many patients want to remain always in motion, they stay back and walk again.

An attack of cluster headache lasts fifteen minutes to three hours. An attack can occur once every two days but sometimes eight times a day. Many patients have seizures in a fixed period, for example, in the autumn or the spring.

Treatment for cluster headache

Attacks of cluster headaches can be canceled with sumatriptan injections or by pure oxygen to breathe. Most patients can cluster headache in these ways reasonable to keep under control.

How are inhaling pure oxygen? The oxygen is in an oxygen cylinder. Once an attack begins, the oxygen you breathe in through a cap. After 10 to 15 minutes to stop the attack. It may be that one time oxygen does help and other times not.

Most insurance policies cover oxygen treatment. Just ask in advance for a moment with your insurer.
In addition to treatment with medications can physiotherapy, Cesar therapy and / or Mensendieck therapy help. These therapies relax the neck and shoulder muscles. That may very tense during headache attacks.

Dealing with cluster headaches

Cluster headaches often has major consequences. Your body becomes overloaded and your resistance deteriorates. The pain gives stress and fear of another attack. You may feel insecure and guilty about your family, colleagues and friends. Depression can be the result.

Cluster headaches also affects your work. Cluster Patients are often absent and do their job during a cluster period less. Colleagues may find that strange and become irritated.

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