Chest Hair Growth

Chest hair is hair that grows on the chest (usually) in men, between the neck and the abdomen. It is a secondary sex characteristic that develops during and after puberty. Chest hair is part of the body hair of man.

Chest hair comes in a lot of gradations for, seems related to testosterone production, but also has a large genetic component. Chest hair is virtually unknown in Asians. Chest hair in women is usually absent or limited to some hair in the areola.

Development and growth

From birth, man is already covered with thin vellushaar. With chest hair means the Terminal hair that is due to an increase in androgens (mainly testosterone) during puberty starts to develop. In contrast to the woman, the body of a man with more Terminal hair covered, and in particular on the chest, abdomen and face.

The development of chest hair usually starts at the end of puberty. It can also start later, between the ages of 20 and 30 years. Androgens are responsible for the thickness of hair, what happens after several years.

 It is a secondary sex characteristic that develops during and after puberty Chest Hair Growth

Patterns and characteristics

The occurrence of chest hair and their characteristics vary by person and have, among other things to do with the determination of genetic, hormonal status and age. The genes determine the amount, pattern, and the thickness of the hair. As some men are very hairy, while others have very little hair. Each pattern in which the hair grows normally. Chest hair grows mainly around the nipples, in the middle and on the sides of the chest and around the collarbone (at the shoulders).

Cultural beliefs

The views on chest hair vary from culture to culture. In some cultures it is seen as a sign of masculinity, while one sees elsewhere prefer a smooth chest. In Western culture the last years a isu terkini under way in which more and more body hair, including chest hair, remove. Among other things using advertising is an ideal created by a shaved body.

Difference chest hair and belly hair

Although the coat on the upper body of a man often is branded as chest hair in its entirety, here is usually not the case. There is a difference between chest and abdominal hair. The separation of both hair types is around the nipples. The upper part is called, while chest hair abdominal hair between the nipples and the pubic area is growing. Men who have only hair around the navel grow, so do not have chest hair. Or men's hair on the abdomen or chest, or on both places have grow, is genetically determined and differs so per man.

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