Central European Diabetes Association

The Central European Diabetes Association is an international, medical-scientific society. It was founded in 1969 in Vienna as the International Federation of the Danube Symposia on Diabetes Mellitus (FID). In 2006, as well as the Baltic States joined the company, the club name was changed to "Central European Diabetes Association".

Historical and current task

During the "Cold War" were the conventions of society to bridge the "Iron Curtain", as the then neutral Austria was not a member of NATO and thus was easily accessible for diabetologists from the Eastern Bloc. Now the company sees its task in theoretical and practical knowledge transfer and the approximation of diabetes care standards with the goals of therapy improvement in diabetes. Despite the geographical proximity, the distance between the countries of Central Europe as a result of decades of separation appears still greater than is often assumed. Through the initiatives of the society of knowledge transfer in the field of diabetology should be significantly improved.


The company holds regular international congresses since 1969 from, all first 2 years, annually since 2003. In addition, find regional, transnational symposia with speakers from various countries FID instead. The conferences held alternately in a western and an eastern country in Central Europe.

Official organ of the society is the Medline-listed, 6x annual journal Diabetes, metabolism and heart / Diabetes, Metabolism, and the Heart, Kirchheim-Verlag Mainz. It appears, abstracts of Congresses.


After the political changes of 1989, the Central European Diabetes Association sees its task in a high-level pembinaan within Central Europe, among others, the objectives of harmonizing diabetological standards.

Another object is to provide, at their sessions the younger diabetologists a lembaga for the presentation and discussion of research results. Traditionally, the official congress language since 1969 German, now the English language is increasingly used but. To promote the exchange, travel grants will be awarded to the conferences and internship scholarships for several month stays in diabetes care institutions in other countries of Central Europe.

Board of Directors

The Board is composed of 9 diabetologists from the different FID countries together, is currently President Prof. Dr. Michael Roden, German Diabetes Center, Leibniz Center for Diabetes Research at Heinrich-Heine-University of Dusseldorf. The club is Vienna.

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