Causes, Symptoms And Treatment Of Angular Cheilitis

What is angular cheilitis?

Angular Cheilitis - angularis which as Cheilitis, Angulus infectiosus (oris), Perleche, Sparrow corner or Perleche are known - it is a painful, often poorly healing inflammatory change of the corners of the mouth, which is characterized by tears (fissures) and superficial tissue defects (erosion) and may be associated with ulcers or crusts.

Angular cheilitis causes

The following causes of angular cheilitis can occur (in combination):

-Anatomical features such as
1. Zugwirkungen on the mouth with corresponding movements of the mouth
2. Strong wrinkling in the mouth area, can form a so-called. moist chamber at the bottom of the folds
-Stresses the skin with moisture (salivation), drought
-Cocci infections caused by Candida albicans or herpes simplex virus, Treponema (as the cause of syphilis (T. pallidum)), HIV
-Metabolic disorders (diabetes mellitus)
-Deficiency diseases: iron deficiency (see Plummer-Vinson syndrome), vitamin deficiencies, ie, Riboflavin deficiency
-An increased intake of vitamin A (retinol)
-Allergies, atopic eczema or other such. As seborrheic dermatitis
-Liver cirrhosis
-Autoimmune diseases such as Sjogren's Syndrome
-Angular cheilitis can also be a dental problem. In the course of life, even in case of loss of several posterior teeth that were not replaced, often reduces the vertical dimension. This has the consequence that the relative width / height is not given and a lip closure in greater width (Edition) is formed. By raising the bite of the lip closure is lifted again so that the "wet" dry and heal mouth. This can help a dentist.

Angular cheilitis symptoms

The inflammatory changes in the corners comment by redness, scaling and fissures. Most go with this feeling of tension and tenderness, less commonly associated with a foreign body sensation.

Angular cheilitis treatment

The reason is the treatment of the underlying disease in the foreground. Angular cheilitis can be very persistent. Especially in the presence of underlying diseases, such as diabetes mellitus or atopic dermatitis, inflammation heals poorly and often returns again and again. Even with a general immune deficiency or by an excitation source in the body is to be expected due to recurrent infections with a prolonged disease course. Lip licking it should be avoided, an additional prescription paste can absorb excess liquid, creating a germ-hostile arid climate. Another excessive moistening and drying prevent fatty ointments, which antibiotic, antiviral or antifungal additives may be added.

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