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Causes, Symptoms And Treatment Of Hemorrhoids

What are hemorrhoids ?

Hemorrhoids (piles) are a condition in which tissues swell with blood vessels in the anus and / or the rectum, and thereby may become inflamed and may bleed and become larger. Hemorrhoids that protrude are called external hemorrhoids outside the anus.

Hemorrhoids causes

In the wall of the rectum, the sphincter muscle within runs a large number of hefty of cores, the filling of which also has a certain function in the water- and air-tight sealing of the anal canal. When straining at stool, a pressure in the veins in which they can expand. Straining at stool is not necessarily the causes of hemorrhoids, poor circulation and connective tissue weakness also belong to the possibilities. Normally, the veins run after defecation quickly empty, but if there is a sustained rise in pressure occurred, this may be long in waiting or even not happen. The tendency to the emergence of hemorrhoids is somewhat hereditary; Pregnancy is also a clear risk factor. The stool holding smoothly through a fluid and fiber diet is a basic pillar of treatment and prevention.

Hemorrhoids symptoms

 are a condition in which tissues swell with blood vessels in the anus and  Causes, Symptoms And Treatment Of Hemorrhoids

Symptoms may include traces of bright red blood in the stool or on the toilet paper. In later stages of settling the rectum, itchy and / or burning sensation in the anus, urinary and stool have no actual lagging stool around the anus ("soiling"). Itch is caused by the aggressive action of stool, which can escape uncontrolled in small quantities.

If the blood long in a dilated vein has been driven a clot can occur which produces a sometimes very painful inflammation that can last several weeks. The incision under local anesthesia of the getromboseerde barrel and expressing the clot shortens this period sometimes.

An external hemorrhoid can appear from one day to another, but without treatment within a few weeks after onset also disappear.

Hemorrhoid treatment

Irritation can be fought with all kinds of creams and ointments.

An alternative treatment for hemorrhoids is direct treatment using controlled cooling for rapid relief of internal / external hemorrhoids. This treatment, called cryotherapy, causes blood vessels in the affected area to shrink temporarily. This calms swollen tissue, reduce pain, burning, itching, reduces bleeding. This treatment provides relief in 6-8 minutes and is available.

Other causes of anal complaints

Often confused with hemorrhoids marisken. These are anal skin flaps which are the remainder of hemorrhoids. Mariskes not cause pain but can cause discomfort in the toilet hygiene. A stretched wall between rectum and vagina or polyps in the rectum can cause painful and bloody stools. In the Netherlands, 23% of patients with the complaint of pain anus / rectum with the doctor to get hemorrhoids are the cause. In 29% of these persons is a perianal abscess or fissure ani (a painful anus cracks) the cause. 22% have no clear, but no serious cause (pain anus / rectum eci). 26% has a different cause, such as genital warts, chlamydia or a carcinoma.

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