Causes, Symptoms And Treatment Of Gonorrhea In Men And Women - Health Article

Causes, Symptoms And Treatment Of Gonorrhea In Men And Women

What is gonorrhea?

You can get gonorrhea by having sex without a condom. It is a sexually transmitted disease (STD). The cause is a bacterium.

Another name for gonorrhea is the clap. In men who are infected will there be a green and yellow discharge from the penis. They often also have pain when urinating.

Most women notice but little of an infection. So can the disease undetected spread to fallopian tubes and uterus. If a woman is not treated, it may eventually be infertile.

Against gonorrhea you will get antibiotics. It is important that you the people with whom you've had sex that you have the disease. They can also get treatment. The public health service can help you with this.

What are the symptoms of gonorrhea?

 You can get gonorrhea by having sex without a condom Causes, Symptoms And Treatment Of Gonorrhea In Men And Women

Symptoms of gonorrhea in men
Men usually get within a week after the infection with gonorrhea the first symptoms. They have a burning sensation when urinating. Green-yellow secretion comes out of the penis. This is due to a plasbuis inflammation. The opening of the urethra can become red and swell. Without treatment can prostate inflammation and epididymis inflammation. Men are not infertile by gonorrhea disease. Some men are unaware of the disease.

Gonorrhea symptoms in women
Usually, women have no complaints. As a result, the disease in them often only discovered as aim wanted. If infected women get complaints, it happens that one to three weeks after infection. They suffer from green and yellow discharge from the vagina, bleeding between menstrual periods, pain when urinating and/or pain when having sex. Without treatment the disease can spread to the fallopian tubes and the lower abdomen. The bacteria can cause all kinds of inflammations which they eventually can be infertile.
A gonorrhea infection during pregnancy can cause a miscarriage. A baby who is infected at birth will get a serious eye inflammation. This allows a child blind.

By oral sex (with the mouth) or anal sex (in the anus) to create a gonorrhea infection in the throat or in the lower part of the rectum. When an infection in the throat there are usually no symptoms. Sometimes causes the infection sore throat and swallowing problems and the oral mucosa when red. When an infection in the anus may itchy and irritated the area around the anus and is often the stool with mucus and pus covered.
Sometimes the bacteria in the blood. Elsewhere in the body can then arise, for example, inflammation in the joints.

How do you get gonorrhea?

Causes of gonorrhea
You can get gonorrhea by unsafe sex. Also via the fingers can spread the bacteria. At unsafe sex is the chance of infection is relatively high. A condom protects against gonorrhea in vaginal and anal sex. Oral sex you can use a dental dam.

An infection through toilet seat or towel is almost impossible.

Anyone can infect themselves even further. For example, the bacterium through your hands you can spread to your eyes. You will get an eye inflammation.
The anus can become infected by discharge from the vagina.

What is the treatment for gonorrhea?

You will be given antibiotics against gonorrhea (tablets or injection). Usually, the disease then after three to four days. However, it may be that you need more antibiotic cures. This is because the bacteria (resistant) are increasingly impervious to antibiotics.

It is important that your partner will treat. For example, you can spread disease or a new infection. As long as the infection is not treated or the antibiotic therapy is not finished, you can infect others.

Once the bacteria has spread throughout the body. Then you should be included in the hospital and you get an infusion of antibiotics.

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