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Causes, Symptoms And Treatment Of Copd Disease

What is COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)?

COPD is an abbreviation of the English term Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, this means chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (there is a persistent blockage in the lungs). It is a collective name for chronic bronchitis and pulmonary emphysema. Previously, these disorders were associated with asthma under the name "CARA" but this term is no longer officially used.

 COPD is an abbreviation of the English term  Causes, Symptoms And Treatment Of COPD Disease


The prevalence of COPD in the Netherlands was 20 in 1000 (equivalent to 320,000 COPD patients). The incidence of COPD is 2 per 1000 per year in the Netherlands. Each year about 6,000 people die from COPD. This is about 4% of the total deaths in the Netherlands. This COPD is among the diseases with the highest mortality.

COPD Causes

In chronic bronchitis often causes inflammation in the small airways called bronchioles. The bronchusklieren be increased so excessive mucus is produced. Caused by scar formation in the wall, the smooth muscle of the bronchi. Due to the excess mucus swell the mucous membrane on which creates a partial obstruction of the airways.

In emphysema a the wall of the alveoli is damaged. The alveoli are clusters of the small airways (bronchioles) are connected and have a rigid structure to keep the airways open. Bronchioles lose their firmness, however, the damage, then lower it during exhalation together. The air sacs of the lung (alveoli) are becoming increasingly further stretched so that a permanent structural damage occurs.

The main risk factor for COPD is tobacco smoking. In about 85% of the cases, COPD is caused by smoking. How this process is exactly is not yet known. Eventually, 10-20% of smokers COPD. It is impossible to predict who will get COPD. The more and the longer one has smoked, the greater the risk of COPD. Most COPD patients are older than 40 years.

In addition to smoking, there are other possible causes of COPD. About 15% of people with COPD plays prolonged exposure to small particles while working a role (including through second-hand smoke and particulates). Also, a congenital enzyme deficiency may be the cause of COPD. According to estimated that in the Netherlands between 5,000 and 10,000 people (± 2% of all COPD'ers) this inherited form of emphysema, alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency.

COPD Symptoms and Diagnosis

In the early stages of COPD is mainly a matter of increased mucus and coughing. When the disease progresses, the structure of the lungs becomes damaged and reduces the content of the lungs. In severe COPD can therefore, and by a decrease in the strength of respiratory muscles, reduce the lung function by more than half. A major complaint here is shortness of breath: at first only during exercise and at a more serious stage continuously.

COPD symptoms
COPD has been particularly affected by chronic breathlessness / shortness of breath, chronic (ongoing) cough, the iconic rokerskuchje, and excessive mucus production. In some patients the disease is mild, in others there may be a rapidly worsening picture. Sometimes the patient is so cramped that the daily activities such as getting dressed and walk almost impossible. The disease can therefore be severely disabling.

COPD diagnosis
The diagnosis of COPD can be made by doing a lung function test by means of spirometry and possibly making a CT scan.

COPD Treatment

The conditions that cause COPD can not be cured. The treatment thus focuses on the reduction of the symptoms and the prevention of deterioration.

The best medicine is to stop smoking - if the patient smokes. As long as patients continue to smoke will aggravate the disease. By quitting smoking the accelerated degradation of the lungs and lung function may be inhibited.

In addition, the symptoms can be alleviated: slime-solvers to facilitate coughing up phlegm, bronchodilators which the airways bit wider, antibiotics to fight infection and corticosteroids to prevent inflammation. The sports under guidance may improve COPD patients. There are therefore in the Netherlands, more and more fitness centers that offer such facilities to COPD patients.

The importance of movement therapy and other changes in lifestyle, such as guidance on smoking cessation and dietary therapy is becoming more recognized. Guidance to quit smoking is the most active treatment of COPD and can break through the progression of the disease. Movement therapy, and also pelatihan of COPD breathing muscles in severely (Inspiratory Muscle Training either breath muscle training), are important to maintain or improve the condition. Nutritional therapy, in combination with movement therapy, helps the downward spiral of energy shortage and malnutrition to break.

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