Causes, Symptoms And Treatment Of Adhd In Children

What is ADHD?

The main symptoms of ADHD are:

Hyperactivity (pressure behavior),
lack of attention (easily distracted are),
impulsivity (not thinking but do).
In some people is ADHD only fixed as maturity. ADHD is so in children and in adults for. Some children and adults have a lot of experience in everyday life,some few.

If you or your child has symptoms associated with ADHD hear, go to your GP. If necessary, your doctor refers you to a (child and adolescent) psychiatrist. The psychiatrist to determine whether someone has ADHD. You/your child getsdiagnosed with ADHD as:

The phenomena there most days of the week,
The phenomena already more than half a year to complete,
The phenomena started already for the seventh year.

ADHD occurs more in boys than in girls. Guys have two to three times as oftenas girls.

Different forms of ADHD

The ADHD-inattentive type = I = ADD:
Children and adults with this form do have big problems to their attention to keep somewhere, but are not hyperactive. Often they are just quiet and dreamy.
The hyperactive/impulsive type = ADHD-H:
Children and adults with this form are impulsive and/or very busy. The attention problems are less.
The combined type ADHD = ADHD-C is most:
Children and adults are easily distracted, pressure and impulsive (not thinking butdo).

What are the symptoms of ADHD in children?

Which do you notice that your child has a lack of attention?

Your child may not keep the attention in a task or game.
Your child has difficulty listening.
Your child may not do missions and finish it.
Your child can be difficult tasks does not organize.
If you can't add long of something to work.
Your child touches things quickly.
Your child is easily distracted.
Your child is forgetful.

Which do you notice that your child is hyperactive?

Your child moves restless with his hands and feet.
He/she rushes around and climbs all over.
Your child is on if it has to be.
He/she does not play quietly.
He/she continues to talk through them.
He/she is always busy.

Which do you notice that your child impulsive?

Gives your child already answer before the question is finished.
He/she has trouble on the turn coming.
He/she disturbs others who are busy with something.

 In some people is ADHD only fixed as maturity Causes, Symptoms And Treatment Of ADHD In Children

What causes ADHD?

ADHD is a genetic disorder. Among parents with ADHD get half of their children also ADHD.

In these situations it is the likelihood of ADHD greater:

The expectant mother has high blood pressure during pregnancy.
The expectant mother smoke or drink alcohol.
The baby weighs at birth little.
If you or your child really experiencing the hereditary predisposition to ADHDdepends on the environment. Some things can cause ADHD gets worse, astensions between parents and bullying at school.

How is ADHD in children?

Your family doctor may refer you to a child and adolescent psychiatrist. Who can diagnose ADHD couples. He/they talk to your child, with you and with the teachers of your child. He also does physical examination to find out if your childhas something else.

Advice at your child with ADHD

Structure in every day.
Tell your child each day what you will do and what your child is going to do.
Reward good behavior. Do this several times in one day. Rewarding works better than punishment. Can reward with a compliment, a hug or something to givewhat your child likes: a sticker, a story for reading, play a game or watch television.
Say it if your child does something you don't want to and tell how you do like tosee.
Be consistent in your rules. Review always and everywhere the same on your child's behavior.
Use deeds and few words.
Discuss your rules, two or three at a time. As for example: "stay with me. I do not want you to run away in fear. If it goes well, we are going to play a game at home. "
If your child is not doing what you want to, you are not a bad educator. Look at the things that go well with your child and yourself.

Treatment of ADHD in children

The treatment of ADHD consists of a parent pelatihan and/or medications, and possibly a pelatihan for your child. The pelatihan sessions ensure that you and your child can deal better with ADHD. They are given in hospitals and institutions forchild and adolescent psychiatry.

Information and pelatihan for parents
Of your help provider will give you extensive information on ADHD. That helps to make better to go.
In a parent pelatihan teaches you as parents how you can reduce your child'sbehavioral problems in, such as disobedience, tantrums and other difficultbehavior. You will learn to be clear to your child. You are going to organize your child's life in such a way that your child better understand what is expected ofhim/her. A tool for example, here is a blackboard on the door of the child which a day kegiatan state. You will learn further to properly and clearly desired to reward your child's behavior.

Training for your child
If you as parents the parent pelatihan does, your child may benefit from their self regulation training. It teaches your child ways to solve problems. He/she will also learn to the own behavior more to master. What also helps is some childrenparticipate in a socialevaardigheidstraining.

Medications may also help. Your doctor may, in consultation with you,methylphenidate (Ritalin) for writing. Helps that not enough? Dexamfetamine canhelp. Children with ADHD often receive only medications when they are six years.Then it may be necessary for learning at school. The purpose of the medication is to be calmer. Children can have by the medications often better focus. They listenbetter and are less easily distracted. The ADHD will not go away.

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