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Causes And Treatment Of Rosacea

What Is Rosacea?

People with rosacea have in their face a network of tiny red veins. The blood vessels are wide. The veins are mainly on the cheeks and nose, but sometimes above the eyes or on the shoulders.
Also blush people with rosacea fast and long. This happens for example when they go into a warm room. The 'cooling' of the skin works through the wide blood vessels less well. Rosacea is very innocent.

Sometimes rosacea on the skin condition rosacea. Besides rosacea are there to see red spots and eventually pimples.

 have in their face a network of tiny red veins Causes And Treatment Of Rosacea

How Do You Get Rosacea?

Rosacea causes:
Rosacea is incurred by too much ultraviolet light (sun, sunlamps and tanning), strong wind and intense cold. People with fair, thin skin are more likely to suffer from it. Also rosacea is more common in some families than in others. Probably it is partly hereditary.

What Is The Treatment For Rosacea?

The best treatment for rosacea is leave the skin alone:
  1. Wash your skin gently with lukewarm water. Do not use soap and scrub creams, scrub the skin and you were not too hot or too cold water.
  2. Protect yourself well against the sun.
  3. Avoid harsh wind and cold.
  4. Possibly a mild day or night cream.
Rosacea can be further treated with laser or a flash lamp. Typically, this treatment has a good result.

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