Cancer Foundation

The Cancer Foundation is a Belgian Foundation's mission is the fight against the disease cancer. The Foundation carries out various activities on different domains of the cancer control and does this by supporting cancer research, providing information to various sasaran groups through different channels. The Foundation also operates the tobacco Cancerphone, Stop line and run campaigns in the fight against cancer.

The Cancer Foundation is the only humanitarian organization in the field of cancer control active at Belgian federal level and therefore conducts its activities in Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels. In 2009, the Foundation 275,000 donors and revenues of over 20 million. Headquartered near the Meiser on the Leuvensesteenweg in Schaerbeek, Brussels.

s mission is the fight against the disease cancer Cancer Foundation


The creation of the Cancer Foundation took place on 7 april 2004, as a joint initiative of three non-profit associations, namely the Belgian Federation against cancer vzw, the Belgian Association for combating cancer vzw and the Belgian work against cancer. Motivation of the creation of joint Foundation is to the forces of the three founding organisations in the fight against cancer and this on Federal Belgian level.


The overall goal or mission of the Foundation is to achieve progress in the fight against cancer. Within this mission, the Foundation sees the following three pillars for achieving this goal:
  • Increase Healing Opportunities. Medium: funding of scientific research at Belgian universities.
  • Improving quality of life of people with cancer. Medium: providing information to patients and their families around the treatments.
  • Prevention of cancer. Means: the dissemination of information about a healthy lifestyle as early detection of disease.


The Foundation undertakes various initiatives. The most important are the following:
  • Website with detailed information by cancer type and information by sasaran groups, such as patients, their environment, young people.
  • Written publications such as Cancer Info.
  • Electronic newsletters such as the Newsletter oncodiĆ«tetiek.
  • Cancer Foon, a phone number where people can ask questions.
  • Stop Smoking Coach, interactive and individualized website that helps people stop smoking.
  • Tobacco Quit: Website and the Tobacco Quit Line.
  • Financial incentives for patients.
  • Transporting patients to and from treatments.
  • Psychological support.
  • Support groups.
  • Aesthetic care.
  • Rekanto / RaViva: exercise programs after treatment site.
  • Family gatherings Planckendael.
  • Yello: volunteer project to accompany young people with cancer.
  • Website 10 alarms against cancer.
  • Campaigns.

Canticle of the Sun

In the context of the activities around prevention involves the Foundation against cancer in early 2011 the kinderliedjes artist Captain Winokio at a campaign against skin cancer. The campaign aims to better protect small children from the harmful UV rays of the Sun. Captain Winokio composed the Canticle of the Sun, that children can protect themselves against the Sun explains how they.


The Cancer Foundation has various agencies and departments:
  • Board of Directors
  • Management: operational command
  • Scientific Councils
  • Think tank
  • Team: employees and independent consultants
  • Volunteers

The Board of Directors of the Foundation is composed of several prominent scientists and others. President Prof. Michel Symann, emeritus professor at the Catholic University of Leuven. General manager is mr. Luc Van Haute. Medical-Scientific Director, Dr. Didier Vander Steichel.


The Cancer Foundation for its income mainly depends on the gifts of donors and of legacies. In 2009 there were 275,000 donors.

The revenues that year a total of 20.7 million, distributed as follows:
  • Gifts: 8.2 million euros, 39.4%.
  • Legacies: 11.3 million euros, 54.4%.
  • Other: 1.3 million euros, 6.2%.

Spending the resources to the goals:
  • Support oncology research: EUR 10.5 million.
  • Social assistance/information: 4.6 million.
  • Health promotion, prevention, detection: 3.8 million.

Operating costs:
  • Fundraising: 1.4 million euros, 9.5%.
  • General administrative expenses: 0.4 million euros, 2.5%.

The total assets in 2009 was 60.7 million. To the Foundation were in that year as employees 49 full-time equivalents connected.

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