Can Astigmatism Be Corrected Naturally ?

Apart from the purely inherited disorders, there are many that can be prevented by the right (preventive) care. This is also the case for astigmatism. For example, correct eye care can prevent astigmatism from occurring. By means of proper care you also avoid not only astigmatism but also a lot of other eye conditions.

 Apart from the purely inherited disorders Can Astigmatism Be Corrected Naturally ?

Here are a few tips:

Avoid rubbing

Avoid rubbing the eyes. Due to regular (or hard) rubbing in the eyes, the cornea can be damaged, which can ultimately result in astigmatism. It is therefore important, no matter how hard it tickles or itches, not to rub it in the eyes.

Other tips are eating healthy food in order to get enough vitamins or perform eye exercises.


Like many other conditions astigmatism can also be the result of excessive exertion of the eyes. This causes the eyes to wear faster than normal, which can lead to damage in the long term.

It is therefore important to regularly take breaks when watching TV or reading a book. These two activities demand the necessary concentration and quickly lead to fatigue of the eyes. Regular breaks can drastically reduce this fatigue.

Well-lit environment

In addition to sufficient rest, the correct lighting is also of great importance when reading a book, for example. Environments that are too strong or too weak are to be avoided. Our eyes have the ability to adapt to just about any exposure. These adjustments, however, require a lot of effort from our eyes, which in turn leads to eye fatigue. Inappropriate lighting can thus affect visibility in the long term.

For example, reading a newspaper or reading book in a poorly lit environment is extremely harmful to the eyes. Also too much lighting has bad consequences for our view.

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