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Calories Needed Per Day : How Many Calories To Eat ?

Calorie restriction is the basis of all diets. If you eat too many calories, you will arrive. Each successful diet is therefore based on a combination of fewer calories and more physical exercise. The rest is just the years-long basis in a new jacket.

Take the carbohydrate diets now, you eat less refined carbohydrates. Why? You will thicken by too many refined carbohydrates (such as sugars). These carbohydrates contain too many calories. In these diets the 'bad carbohydrates' are replaced by the 'good ones'. These good carbs contain fewer calories.

 Calorie restriction is the basis of all diets Calories Needed Per Day : How Many Calories To Eat ?

Daily Calorie Intake To Lose Weight

The average calorie requirement is 2000 calories per day. With an average of 1500 to 1700 calories a day you can lose weight. Often 1500 calories are recommended by nutrition experts. This of course depends on your own weight and body activity. Someone weighing 100 kg can not just fall back on 1500 calories a day. That is why calculating your BMR is an important first step.

A big misunderstanding is the idea that the more you weigh, the fewer calories you can eat. The best is to gradually eat fewer calories. This is also much better to maintain and gives a more sustainable result. As you lose weight you can again calculate your BMR. And so you go further.

Daily Calorie Needs

If you regularly eat a lot of calories at once, you would burn fewer calories during a good workout than someone who is paying attention to their food. A healthy diet is an interaction between good eating habits and body training.

Before you start diets and limit your calories, first calculate your BMR (basal metabolic rate or resting metabolism). This way you know how many calories you need per day to function. The formula takes into account your weight and your physical activity. Based on this result, you can reduce your calories step by step.

How Many Calories To Eat

Everyone needs a certain minimum of calories. There are 1200 calories diets per day. This is an absolute minimum and too little for many people. Eating too few calories can lead to the so-called weight plateaus.

Your body does not recognize the difference between diets and starvation and switches to a survival mechanism. Your body then automatically slows down the burning of calories and your weight remains stable. A large shortage of calories involves various risks: binge eating, less energy, loss of muscle mass

Do not follow diets under 1200 kcal per day without medical advice.

A healthy diet starts with counting calories, but ultimately your whole lifestyle is important to make your diet a success.

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