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Broken Nose Treatment

The nose is vulnerable because he sticks out. The nose bones break than also more frequently than other bones in the face. The best known causes of a broken nose are traffic and sports accidents and violence.

A broken nose quickly becomes thick. That makes it hard to take the place of the fracture. Let the nose quickly (within a few hours). The doctor will examine the nose gently. They also probably let a CT scan. To this is to see exactly how the nose damaged. In addition, the doctor can see right away if there is no other damage in the head, for example in the brain.

To reduce the pain and swelling can make your nose every two hours fifteen minutes with ice cooling.

 The nose is vulnerable because he sticks out Broken Nose Treatment

Treatment for a broken nose

With a broken nose, the doctor put the broken bone fragments back in place. The nose is still not very swollen? Then it does so immediately. She tries to force to bring the bones back in the right place.

Is the nose or swollen? Then you have to wait until the swelling has diminished. The doctor can then see how severe the fracture is. At a fairly simple fracture puts the doctor's nose without surgery. This must be done within five to ten days after the accident, otherwise the bone particles grow together.
You will receive an anesthetic. The doctor put the pieces of bone and cartilage straight by hand or with tools to exert pressure.

In severe fractures put the doctor's nose during an operation. This is usually done under general anesthesia.
Swallows you blood-thinning medication? Tell on time to the doctor. Starting from one week before the surgery you may not. Also you may not take certain pain medications (NSAIDs such as aspirin) against the pain. Paracetamol is allowed. Also, you must be sober for the operation. That means you before surgery about eight hours long nothing can eat and drink. Before and after surgery you may also some weeks not smoking.

After correcting the nose you will get a splint on the nose and tampons in the nose. This keeps the pieces of bone and cartilage well in place and they can bone on its own. You will, therefore, need to breathe through your mouth a while. The doctor tells you how long the splint and the tampons should stay put.

A broken nose heals in about six weeks.

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