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Broken Hip Symptoms And Treatment

What is a broken hip?

For a broken hip (fractured hip) the upper part of the upper leg is broken. Usually, the hip breaks close to the hip joint.

What are the symptoms of a broken hip?
  1. You have pain in your hip and / or groin.
  2. There is a swelling and a purplish bruise around your hip.
  3. The hip joint can bend too easily, or there is just no movement.
  4. The broken bone often seems to be shorter than the other leg. It is also turned inward or outward.
  5. On your leg are usually more successful.
 the upper part of the upper leg is broken Broken Hip Symptoms And Treatment

The doctor looks at an x-ray of the hip is really broken and how severe the fracture is. A broken hip is dangerous, especially in older people. They come for a long time up in bed and not always recover well.

Usually, an operation is necessary in order to fix the hip.

Broken hips are particularly common in people over 65 years and more frequently in women than men.

How does a broken hip?

Osteoporosis and an increased risk of falling are the major causes of broken hips. Some drugs increase the likelihood of breakage of a hip. Usually that's because they are at increased risk. Think of sedatives, anti-anxiety drugs and sleeping pills. These elderly people long sleepy and less cautious.

The vast majority of people who break a hip are over 65. Younger people can break a hip in an accident, for example in traffic or during exercise.

Treatment of a broken hip

Almost always is surgery the best way to treat a broken hip. The type of surgery depends on where the hip is broken, the severity of the fracture and the age of the patient.
  1. The surgeon puts the loose pieces of bone together with pins and screws.
  2. Is your bone previously not strong enough, you can opt for a hip replacement. This prosthesis replaces the head of the femur and / or the bowl of the hip.
  3. When you're too sick for major surgery, non-surgical options, as traction. In a traction pulls a system of ropes and weights as the broken leg that all the bones remain in the right place.

How do you prevent a broken hip?

Most people suffer a hip fracture from a fall. You can do some things to reduce the risk of falling.
  1. Make sure your home is well-lit.
  2. Take things away that you could trip over.
  3. Wear proper shoes. Flat, thin shoes with hard soles are best. Do not wear shoes with smooth soles.
  4. Get your eyes examined regularly by an ophthalmologist or optometrist. You are more likely to fall if you do not look good.
It is also important to keep your bones as strong as possible. Then they break down less quickly if you should fall anyway. Healthy living is good for your bones. You then have less chance of getting osteoporosis.
  1. Eat healthy with adequate calcium and vitamin D. Swallow any vitamin or dripping.
  2. Stay active. Through proper exercise keep your bones stronger.
  3. Do not smoke. By smoking, your bones weaker.

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