Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon

Pink ribbon is a symbol used internationally to express commitment to breast cancer.

History of Pink Ribbon

In the United States, it is not unusual to choose a ribbon with a distinctive color as a symbol for an action. In 1991, each participant in the New York City Race was a pink ribbon pinned to draw attention to breast cancer. In 1992, Charlotte Hayley luck with a ribbon campaign against breast cancer. She sold her peach colored ribbons across the country with a card that read: "The annual budget of the National Cancer Institute National Cancer Institute is 1.8 billion dollars and only 5% of this money goes to breast cancer prevention Help us legislators and America. wake up and wear this ribbon ". Around that time, worked the editor of the women's health magazine Self, Alexandra Penney, along with a guest editor, Evelyn Lauder, vice president of the Estée Lauder cosmetics trade, a number of breast cancer. Penney and Lauder suggested for Hayley to ribbon spread through cosmetic stores. Hayley liked the plan, however, commercial, which Penney and Lauder came with a pink ribbon. In October, 1993, Lauder 'The Breast Cancer Research Foundation on. This movement has since run awareness campaigns and raises funds for the purpose of information and the promotion of breast cancer research.

 is a symbol used internationally to express commitment to breast cancer Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon
Pink Ribbon

Pink Ribbon in Netherlands

Pink Ribbon Foundation is a fundraising charitable non-profit organization that calls attention to breast cancer patient today. To achieve this, the Pink Ribbon Foundation is funding its acquired funds specific projects and studies in the field of treatment, after-care and long-term effects of breast cancer. A portion of these funds comes from companies with which the Foundation collaborates with and supports its sales campaigns. Pink Ribbon Foundation, the pink ribbon and the name Pink Ribbon in the Benelux registered as a trademark. With the companies Pink Ribbon works, agreements on include the use of the brands and the amount of the donation.

Pink Ribbon Foundation was founded in 2003 by Breast Cancer Association Netherlands in collaboration with Estée Lauder and The American Women's Club in The Hague as a fundraising body of the Breast Cancer Association Netherlands. In 2007, the Pink Ribbon Foundation has spun off. Since 2009 Pink Ribbon Foundation, the CBF for charities.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an annual international campaign to create funds for prevention, detection, treatment and care. The whole month of October is dedicated to breast cancer and numerous activities will be organized. In the Netherlands, the name October Breast Cancer Month used. Breast Cancer Awareness Month was established in 1985 by an international Pharmaceutical, which produces medicines against breast cancer. The number of companies that feel connected from marketing considerations to the principles of Pink Ribbon has grown significantly in recent years. Many commercial and also support non-profit organizations or initiate activities during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Other meanings of Pink Ribbon

The pink ribbon is not only a symbol for the fight against breast cancer. It also symbolizes "March of Dimes" and his efforts to prevent preterm birth, rescuing babies and preventing congenital disabilities.


From the beginning there have been people in 1992 who had criticized the commercial intent, for example, because of the influence of a major cosmetics company. In 2006 the book Pink ribbons appeared, Inc., written by Samantha King, where the Pink Ribbon movement is critically analyzed. In 2011, Léa Pool produced a documentary, also Pink Ribbons, Inc. entitled, which also examines critically the movement.

Pink Ribbon Foundation also has its name in the past associated with pink products. So are sold pink phones and pink vacuum cleaners. According to a spokeswoman for Pink Ribbon can be increased as awareness. According to the spokesman the use of the vacuum cleaner pink additionally contributes to the necessary movement for women, which reduces the risk of breast cancer.

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