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Brain Hemorrhage Treatment: What Is A Brain Hemorrhage?

What is a brain hemorrhage?

When a brain aneurysm bursts a blood vessel in the brain open. A part of the brain will receive no or too little blood. Brain damage cells or die off.
A cerebral hemorrhage can be done in two places:
  1. within in the brain;
  2. between the meninges surrounding the brain back.
Certain groups of people have more risk of a brain hemorrhage:
  1. older people;
  2. people with high blood pressure;
  3. people with fragile blood vessels (an aneurysm or other abnormalities of heart and vessels);
  4. people who use drugs as cocaine and amphetamine;
  5. people with a brain tumor.
People whose blood solidifies or anticoagulants swallowing, are more likely to die after a brain hemorrhage.

 When a brain aneurysm bursts a blood vessel in the brain open Brain Hemorrhage Treatment: What is a Brain Hemorrhage?

Treatment of a brain hemorrhage

After a brain aneurysm surgery may save your life. The doctor retrieves accumulated blood from the brain off. Thereby, the pressure in the brain down.

You can also get the following treatments:
  1. At a bleeding between the meninges tries the doctor the crack or the aneurysm.
  2. Against serious headache you will get first painkillers (opioids). You will not take aspirin because aspirin thins your blood.
  3. The doctor may place a drain, a tube that drains moisture. This lowers the brain pressure. Then they will repair the weak vein or the aneurysm. This can be done using a type of clamp to the aneurysm or with a stent. This operation is dangerous, but often the best choice. It can prevent a hemorrhage later gets that is fatal.

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