Body Detoxification

What is detoxification ?

Detoxification or detox is in naturopathy used term for the internal cleansing the body of wastes and toxins.

Although the body has a self-healing powers and the ability to get rid of toxins and wastes from the liver and kidneys, it is assumed in natural medicine that can be supported through detoxification therapies.

 or detox is in naturopathy used term for the internal cleansing the body of wastes and to Body Detoxification

Detoxification therapies

Such treatments may include the following:
  • Homeopathy, such as the treatment of mercury poisoning with homeopathic lead, in the assumption that a homeopathic dilution of one heavy metal makes the other harmless.
  • Following a diet.
  • Fasting.
  • Hydrotherapy, a collective term for various treatments, including hot baths (balneotherapy), enemas (colon hydrotherapy), and drinking large amounts of water.
  • Herbal teas cure, drinking large amounts of herbal tea.
  • Phytotherapy.
  • Gemmotherapy.
  • Sapkuren, with, in particular drinking large quantities of lemon juice.
  • The removal of dental fillings of amalgam, in order to prevent the release of mercury vapor.
  • Chelation therapy.
  • Ear candling. The burning candle in the ear pull out the ear wax.
  • Clay Baden, in the assumption that the clay pulls the skin via the poison from the body.
  • Placing detox patches. These would draw poison through the skin.
  • Foot Baden based on electrolysis, such as Aqua Detox or Omega Detox. The browning of the water was initially explained as proof of the release of poison, this assertion later withdrawn when it appeared that the rusting electrodes were responsible.
  • Drainage.


Drainage is a term used in the mainstream medical world for draining bodily fluids. In the alternative medicine world, this means loosening and removal of waste from various organs, mostly aimed at digestive organs, often in a specific order. Examples are:
  • Lymphatic drainage, through massages.
  • Laxatives, taking laxatives.
  • Enemas. As a flushing material is water, but also used herbal tea or a water-wheatgrass mixture.
  • Sauna visit, including the use of infrared saunas, sweat and other therapies.


For a number of these therapies is that the patient is worse, instead of going to feel better during the course of the treatment. This is explained by the therapist as proof that the treatment is working. The toxins that would dormant in the body, would be released by the treatment and be active. After the aggravation period, "healing crisis" (healing crisis) is called recovery is promised. In 2008, this approach led to brain damage to a British woman, due to water intoxication (hyponatremia). In regular medicine the deterioration of the condition of a patient during a treatment seen as a reason to consider another therapy or medication.

Vision of mainstream medicine

There is no scientific evidence for the effectiveness of the so-called detoxification and drainage. Intestinal fluids are not even without danger of perforating the bowel wall. The intestines cleanse themselves and swilling also drives out the good bacteria. The conventional medicine applies only to enemas at interventions or investigations, because one can see better the intestinal wall. Also ear candling is not recommended; the cleaning effect thereof is not established, and there are more than 20 cases of hearing impairment have been reported which were the result of this therapy. Who is healthy, balanced and varied eating and drinking enough, can count on the natural and efficient waste by the body itself. Additional tools in this time when the west to obtain good nutrition for everyone, are not necessary. When natural waste treatment failure by the body, there is liver failure or renal failure and is urgently needed proper medical treatment.

The only medically known accumulation of toxins which, for example, PCBs and pesticides, so of foreign toxins in fat tissue. With the breakdown of the fatty tissue, such as during fasting or suckling, can release into dangerously high concentrations. There is no known way to safely get rid of these toxins.

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