Blood Glucose - Perception Training

The blood glucose awareness pembinaan is a behavioral medicine pembinaan aktivitas that diabetics theoretically sound skills and practical strategies taught to perceive their blood sugar and forestall extreme blood sugar levels (hypo / hyperglycemia) or to reduce the frequency and intensity of situations with extreme blood sugar levels. The pembinaan is aimed in particular at strengthening the interoception. It is used both in the treatment of long-standing type 1 diabetic patients as well as in type 2 diabetic patients.

The BGAT was developed in the USA by the psychology professors Daniel Cox and of psychiatry and neurology professor Linda Gonder-Frederick and evaluated, building on the work of James Pennebaker, based on a bio-psycho-behavioral model of hypoglycemia unawareness , The first randomized clinical trial to BGAT appeared in 1988. According to the results of this research, the pembinaan can reduce the incidence of hypoglycaemia and the number of traffic accidents, improve the capacity for self-assessment and life satisfaction as well as alter the physiological response to hypoglycaemia.

The pembinaan aktivitas is applied in a medical context for health promotion. In Germany the aktivitas of the University of L├╝beck was translated and distributed under the direction of psychology professor Gabriele Fehm-Wolf Village and is available since 1997.

The pembinaan consists of 8 individual or group sessions to 90 minutes. The patients received daily tasks related to introspection, to be carried out between meetings.

Be trained as BGAT coach doctors, psychologists and nurse.

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