Bell's Palsy, Facial Palsy, Facial Paralysis

What is the facial paralysis of Bell?

When facial paralysis of Bell muscles in one half of your face become suddenly paralyzed.

You'll scare, but the paralysis usually goes on. This may take three to six months.

You have not had a stroke (cerebral hemorrhage). The masalah is in the facial nerve and not in your brains.

What are the symptoms of facial paralysis of Bell? 

These symptoms may occur to the cripple side of your face:

-The mouth hangs down.
-The eye can not close properly. If you try to squeeze the eye close to half will remain open. Because you do -Not blink, the eye can dry out.
-The eye may be tears.
-Talking and swallowing difficult.
-Sometimes you suddenly less taste.
-The ear can be sensitive to loud noises.
-You may have mild pain in or around the ear.

How is a facial paralysis of Bell? 

The nerve on one side of your face will not work anymore.

This nerve is responsible for:

-The muscles of the face (forehead, eyelids and mouth)
-The lacrimal gland
-A number of salivary glands
-The taste on the tongue
-A muscle in the middle ear that loud sounds a bit mutes
-Why the nerve suddenly stops working, we do not know. Probably it's because of inflammation. The nerve swells and will temporarily be caught.

Advice of facial paralysis of Bell 

Although Bell's palsy usually goes away by itself, you will remain there in the beginning unsure. Because paralysis is often visible, you can expect responses from your environment. Explain to the people at home and at work out what you have.

 When facial paralysis of Bell muscles in one half of your face become suddenly paralyzed Bell's Palsy, Facial Palsy, Facial Paralysis

Treatment of facial paralysis of Bell 


-You will get an anti-inflammatory medication, corticosteroids prescribed. You will receive 25 mg of prednisolone for 10 days. 2 times a day
-This drug is the chance of recovery increases.

Eye protection 
-If your eye can not blink and close, then it can dry out. Therefore, you get a gel (or eye drops) during the day to prevent dehydration.
-For the night you get an eye ointment and it should eye with a special eye bandage (watch glass connection ') are covered.

What about the rest of facial paralysis of Bell?

After two days to get to your doctor for a checkup. Sometimes the paralysis which may worsen during the first days.

The first three weeks, you can already expect improvement.

Even after a few months to half a year to further improvements occur.

Most people (seven in ten) with a facial paralysis of Bell recover completely, even without treatment. With treatment, the chances of recovery even greater. A small proportion of people also keep following treatment with drugs some complaints.

Rest Complaints
If you have difficulty speaking or swallowing, your GP will refer you to a speech therapist. This can help you with special exercises to do with you.

Call your doctor if symptoms change or increase.

When to contact a facial paralysis of Bell?

Immediately contact your doctor at one of the following symptoms:

-The eye is red.
-The eye hurts.
-You can see less with the eye.

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