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Baby Diapers And Adult Diapers

A diaper, or designated by the merk name diaper, is an absorbent garment in which the rule is used by people and sometimes animals. This refers to babies and young children (or animals, such as monkeys) that are unclean, or people who are incontinent, as (in part) may be the case in the elderly and lichamelijk- or mentally handicapped.

Also diapers are used by people who can not reach the toilet in time (scuba divers, astronauts, etc.). Finally, whether or not special, diapers are worn and / or used by people with infantilistische feelings, often in the setting of a so-called age or Ageplay game.

During the day, most kids do not need more diapers when they are three to four years old. Some children remain longer uncleanliness. This can have several reasons, including insufficient production of ADH in the body, diabetes, emotional or physical issues.

 is an absorbent garment in which the rule is used by people and sometimes animals Baby Diapers And Adult Diapers


When used by adults (and possibly also by older children) often prefers to talk about incontinence diaper because associated with young children. Some people just do speak about diaper taboo then break as much as possible. Flemish is spoken in everyday language rather a "pamper". The term is used to denote all kinds of disposable diapers for babies and adults, irrespective of the merk (Pampers is in fact the merk name of the baby diapers of the Procter & Gamble Company)


The disposable diaper was Marion Donovan (1917-1998) invented after they began experimenting with waterproof cover pants for baby diapers.


There is a very large variation in diapers and / or strongly resembling products. Very regularly (at least according to producers) also new "improvements" invented.

First of all, can be a fairly clear distinction:

-Purely aimed at children items are for sale everywhere. As disposable diapers these articles can be found in all supermarkets and drugstore chains. Some washable items can be found in department stores and specific retailers.
-The (in principle) larger incontinence materials. These are taken in line on medical grounds at the pharmacy (but sometimes also be ordered via web shops).

Within both categories diapers can then like five main types are designed and used:

-The disposable diaper for single use. Of these many types, both in terms of dimensions and in terms of properties. Mainly used for infants / very young children and people who are bedlederig.
-The washable diaper that is used several times, from cotton, bamboo or hemp. Also a pure diaper, basically for children in the baby age.
-The so-called diaper pants, that if an under bottom can be raised, but the function of the normal diaper fulfills (usually as a disposable product). This is often used in potty pelatihan and also for not bedlederige people who are incontinent.
-The night pants, especially for children bedwetting (whether or not in disposable-form). The disposable night pants are for older children in supermarkets and drugstores available.
-Special swim diapers (usually for babies from 3 months) that protect against minor "accidents"; they do not swell in water but absorb urine and feces.

Then then there are all types of diapers and / or incontinence many different sizes and various other specificity. Thus there are diapers that are attuned to the exercise more young children and diapers that are extra absorbent.

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