Armpit Hair ( Underarm Hair )

Underarm hair is the name of hair that grows on the armpit. The hair itself starts, just as most other body hair, to develop at puberty and is often at the end of the full-grown youth. Pheromone production by the axilla at this stage of human development suggests that there is a link between sexuality and armpit hair. Armpit hair keeps those determined by the armpit odors created concerns with the opposite sex and feel attracted to that for stimulation. The hair itself would be a natural "anti-friction" act between the upper arm and chest.


History of shaving her armpit
In the West started shaving her armpit around 1915 in the United States and the United Kingdom, when a few magazines dressed woman with shaved armpits depict. Regular shaving became possible when the razor at the beginning of the 20th century was introduced. While shaving underarm hair frequently took place in English-speaking countries like the United States and Canada, it was not until after World War II before Europe also came into contact with this phenomenon.

However, shaving armpit hair is much earlier started in the Arab countries. In the Qur'an and Sunnah is that adult men and women their armpits and pubic area belong to shave at least once in forty days.

 is the name of hair that grows on the armpit Armpit Hair ( Underarm Hair )

Cultural beliefs
In many countries, particularly in the Western world, it is common that women shave their underarm hair. It is with them, unlike men, seen as an ideal of beauty and it holds also associated with the differences in hair removal between the two sexes. Views on this phenomenon differ. In some Eastern European countries, but also in China, shaving underarm hair is less common, and it does not consider this as beauty.

Religious reasons and personal hygiene are also sometimes called the culture of Islam, both men and women shave their armpit hair for hygienic reasons.

Competitive swimmers remove all their body hair, including underarm hair, to ensure that their body is streamlined as they participate in contests. Also among bodybuilders and in the adult entertainment is usual, only play a role here beauty reasons.

Underarm hair also enhances the effect of tickling.

Effects of shaving
It is a well-known myth that shaving hair in the long run causes thicker hair. However, nothing is known about an increase in the number of hair follicles as a result of shearing. Underarm hair should be shaved more than her leg, but that is because it grows faster. Over time, the armpit can appear darker, and even after a good shave, it is possible that the same evening again hairs are visible. Resins is an effective method for removal of axillary hair, since the hair is then pulled from the hair root from the skin.

For shaving armpit hair can be best used a razor. Because the axillary skin is very sensitive, it causes an irritation shaver, resulting in a red-looking and burning feeling skin.

Underarm hair in art

The armpit hair is often omitted in the art; the leave was a sign of modernism. This is in contrast to the depiction of pubic hair, which sometimes was shown in the middle ages. The depiction of pubic hair became more common from the Renaissance, and almost normal in modern times.

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