Antibiotic Drugs - Advantages And Disadvantages Of Antibiotics

What are antibiotics ?

Antibiotics are drugs that fight infections. But antibiotics do not work for all infections. Importantly, what is the cause of the infection:

Most infections caused by a virus, such as cold or flu.
Other infections caused by bacteria, such as a bladder infection, pneumonia, or sexually transmitted disease (STD).
Some infections start with a virus, after which the bacterial infection takes over. This occurs in infections of the throat, the lungs, the middle ear or eye. In that case, it gets worse, often takes the fever increasing. Or the fever comes back after a few cold days.

Effect of antibiotics

Antibiotics work well against infections caused by bacteria. They kill the bacteria or inhibit their growth. Against infections with virus antibiotics do not work.

Penicillin is the antibiotic known, but there are many more species. Each type of antibiotic effective against other groups of bacteria.

Only in severe bacterial infections, antibiotics are meaningful.

What happens next if I have used antibiotics ?

 Antibiotics are drugs that fight infections Antibiotic Drugs - Advantages And Disadvantages Of Antibiotics

Antibiotics are usually used to treat infections with severe symptoms that last longer or come back after it seemed to go. Bit better

Please consult your GP practice in one of the following symptoms:

*You feel sicker (stuffy, dull, exhausted).
*The fever lasts longer than three days.
*The fever comes back after being away for a few days.
*You have severe pain, such as pain when urinating, pain when breathing or neck pain.
*Your skin is remarkably pale or gray.
*You will get spots on the skin.
*You get other symptoms that you are worried.

Complete cure
It is important to create a course of antibiotics completely finished even if your symptoms are all about. You get side effects from the antibiotics or if you have the idea that antibiotics do not help? Call your doctor. Stop the treatment is not just; Always consult your doctor first.

Disadvantages of antibiotics

Antibiotics can cause side effects:

*nausea or diarrhea;
*itchy red spots on the skin.

Fighting 'good' bacteria

A disadvantage of antibiotics is that they are also effective against bacteria that we need precisely. For example, bacteria in our intestines that help with the digestion of our food. When antibiotics are also fighting the 'good' bacteria, other bacteria or fungi sometimes get the chance to expand.

What is antibiotic resistance?

If the same antibiotic is used regularly by a bacteria these bacteria can be 'resistant'. The bacterium is no longer sensitive to the antibiotic. When you get an infection with such resistant bacteria, antibiotics not to help. You can become very ill.
To avoid resistance, it is important that we deal cautiously with antibiotics. Take the antibiotics as prescribed, and always make the cure completely.

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