Allergic To The Mosquito Bite

You will but have, an allergy to mosquito bites. Especially in the summer, you are after all quite celebrate the klos, because the mosquitoes rampant in this season. Apart from the annoying feeling what a mosquito bite can give, there may also be a large red bump emerged. Then you might be allergic to the bites of this night's sleep disturber. Fortunately, there are several things you can do in order to have a normal night's sleep.

The stinging mosquito
In Netherlands you can still lucky, that the mosquitoes bother you come only during the night hours. There are countries, such as CuraƧao, where the mosquitoes also during the day around you dances and your leak pricks. The mosquito bite is caused by the female (the male feeds on nectar from flowers in particular) that a hole in your skin/blood vessels to blood pricks to suck suction with her snout. With the blood they suck up moisture in your body immediately salivary gland injection which prevents blood clotting, is very ingenious! The proteins that come in our body, we do not know this and be seen as a type of poison, resulting in an immune response. See there the itching and the bump.
The allergic reaction
As the little bump no small bump remains, but a large itchy mostly red spot (or disk, sometimes with a white border) with a decent swelling, then plays there most likely an allergy on. these spots are often painful and there may even be a vesicle arise. A normal reaction is that the bump is already less often after several hours, but the itch can persist for days. When an allergic reaction is the peak of the complaints by a day or so later.
If you are stung several times, then you can bet even sick of being. The following symptoms may then emerge:
  • Nausea
  • Shivery
  • Fever
  • Muscle Relaxation
  • Fatigue (not explained)
 you are after all quite celebrate the klos Allergic To The Mosquito Bite

How do you fix it up?

If you in the bedroom on the mosquitoes come looking, then the famous hor for the window places though the best thing you can do. This allows the window delicious open to the fresh air, but don't let the mosquitoes out. Is it not hor, hang than a mosquito net on above your bed and have it well over your entire bed fall. There are nowadays very fashionable mosquito nets for sale. In addition, mosquitoes not tour, so put Windows and doors open.
Another possibility is something to smear on your skin where mosquitoes don't like. There are special sticks that are against mosquitoes (DEET is a well known), but you can also take as a liniment eucalyptus oil or put citronella in your immediate presence.

A mosquito bump pulls away in principle without saying, but if you have an allergy than can be a lot cool off the pain removed. Just some ice cubes in a clean Tea towel on the issues, softened tremendously. Another natural softener of the pain is also vinegar. Just what on a WAD of absorbent cotton do and on the mosquitoes lay hump. You have a violent reaction, then help these remedies generally no more.
Would you like to tackle the more drastic than drugstore also has all kinds of remedies that help to soften the pain. In a very violent reaction, consult your physician.

It's not dangerous, but you can have load of. Prevention is always better than cure, but sometimes you are too late and there's already a mosquito buzzes in your bedroom around. Happy mosquitoes not very fast, so you can always try before going to the mosquito trying to remove it from your bedroom. Otherwise good mold release and/or take place under the mosquito net.

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