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Agoraphobia Causes And Treatment

Some people do not dare to step into a lift, others scream loudly when they see a mouse running past. They all suffer from an irrational fear, a phobia. It looks funny at first sight, but it can lead to serious situations. Fear is not a pleasant feeling. An example of this is agoraphobia.

 Some people do not dare to step into a lift Agoraphobia Causes And Treatment

What is agoraphobia?

Agoraphobia is a term used to describe a number of related irrational fears that are related to situations such as:

- enter stores
- leave the house
- travel alone in airplanes, buses or trains
- in large crowds or in public places

Agoraphobia is a mental illness and is seen as part of various anxiety disorders. In popular speech, the condition is also called 'agoraphobia'. Agoraphobia can thus define you as the fear of leaving safe and familiar environments. The phobia can be divided into different gradations, from a light form to a serious social isolation.

What causes agoraphobia?

Many people who suffer from agoraphobia also have a history of panic attacks and panic disorders. In these people, agoraphobia is often a result of a previous panic attack.

It was once believed that all cases of agoraphobia were related to panic attacks. But research showed that nearly half of people with agoraphobia do not have a history of panic attacks. Here, agoraphobia can be caused by various phobias, such as fear of illness, crime or terrorism.

Best treatment for agoraphobia

Agoraphobia is relatively easy to treat through psychological therapy. Via behavioral therapy, someone with the disorder can be helped with success. Cognitive therapy, which involves working on the patient's thinking patterns and desensitization, where one tries to make the patient less susceptible to stimuli in threatening situations, are possible options. The use of medicines is reduced to a minimum in order to avoid side effects.

Many people dare not talk about the fears, but you do well to let your fears be treated! After all, fear has a big influence on your life. Getting rid of this can have a very liberating effect.

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