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Acute Kidney Failure: Causes, Symptoms And Diagnosis

What is acute kidney failure?

In acute kidney failure, the kidneys suddenly no good any more. The waste products accumulate in the body. Another name for acute kidney failure is acute renal failure. Acute kidney failure occurs within several days to weeks.

 The waste products accumulate in the body Acute Kidney Failure: Causes, Symptoms And Diagnosis

Acute kidney failure symptoms

  1. You urinate very little.
  2. Your urine is dark colored.
  3. You have headaches and make you groggy. You can coma.
  4. You have back pain.
  5. You are nauseous and have no desire to eat.
  6. You love moisture.
  7. You are short of breath by fluid behind the lungs (pleural effusion).
  8. You have high blood pressure.
  9. You have anemia.
  10. You have suffered from itching.
  11. Your muscles become weaker. Also the heart muscle can work, with worse due to a cardiac arrest.
Acute renal insufficiency is very dangerous. You need to be treated quickly. What treatment you get depends on the cause.

In many people helps treat or restore the kidney itself. Sometimes during the recovery a while dialysis required.

What causes acute kidney failure?

Acute kidney failure can occur in several ways:
  1. Flows too little blood to the kidneys. That is, for example as a sudden drop in blood pressure, in an accident, shock or a large myocardial infarction.
  2. The kidneys damaged. That is, for instance filter in renal inflammation or lack of oxygen during surgery.
  3. The urinary tract is obstructed, for example by kidney stones.

Acute kidney failure diagnosis

Do you have symptoms associated with kidney failure? Then the doctor will test your blood and urine. Certain substances in blood and urine, they can see if the kidneys are working properly. Other studies that you might get:
  1. Blood gas analysis.
  2. An electrocardiogram.
  3. A renal scanning.
Once it is clear that you have kidney failure, then the doctor will determine the cause. This requires other necessary investigations:
  1. An ultrasound of the kidneys.
  2. An X-ray examination of the kidneys.
  3. Maybe a kidney biopsy.

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