Acromegaly Definition : What Is Acromegaly?

What is acromegaly?

Acromegaly is a disease of the pituitary gland. This disease is caused by too much growth hormone, a tumor in the pituitary gland. The release of other hormones made by the pituitary gland, also overwhelms. The tumor in the pituitary gland is benign. He can not spread to other sites in the body. Acromegaly is not a cancer.

The most striking symptom of acromegaly is that body parts that protrude (such as the ears, nose, arms, hands, legs, feet and tongue) are increased. Symptoms usually develop very gradually, so it may take some time before you or your surroundings noticing the changes.

 Acromegaly is a disease of the pituitary gland Acromegaly Definition : What Is Acromegaly?

Acromegaly is very rare. The disease usually develops in adults between thirty and fifty years, but it can begin at any other age. Has a child emerges gigantism acromegaly.

What you notice of acromegaly?

Acromegaly is fairly obvious phenomena but very gradually. What signs will you stand out in the long run?
  1. the body parts that protrude start growing.
  2. the skin becomes thicker.
  3. the tongue is increased.
  4. the voice becomes deeper.
  5. the lower jaw grows. The lower teeth are in front of the upper teeth (underbite).
  6. the muscle strength decreases.
People with acromegaly may also have other symptoms:
  1. tiredness;
  2. poor sleep;
  3. poor vision;
  4. oily skin;
  5. tingling and pain in the hands (carpal tunnel syndrome);
  6. diabetes mellitus (diabetes);
  7. joint pain;
  8. heavy sweating;
  9. curved spine (scoliosis);
  10. headache;
  11. high blood pressure;
  12. infertility;
  13. erectile dysfunction (impotence);
  14. absence of menstruation;
  15. strong hair in women (hirsutism).

What determines the physician acromegaly?

You get a blood test to determine if you have acromegaly. They look at this research that you have too much growth hormone and IGF-I protein in your blood. Usually it takes about a week before you get the results.

Indeed, acromegaly is diagnosed, you still get a few other studies:
  1. An MRI scan of the pituitary gland. They see if he is enlarged;
  2. A study of the quantity of several other hormones in your blood.

Treatment of acromegaly

Often is the first treatment in acromegalic an operation. The doctor removes the tumor away, usually through the mouth or nose. The operation takes several hours. You must stay in the hospital about five to seven days. After the operation you get drugs that inhibit the production of growth hormone in the pituitary gland or you get radiotherapy (radiation).

Sometimes we are unable to surgery to cut away all the tumor tissue. Treatment then consists only of drugs or a combination of radiation therapy and medication.

The decision also falls in this latter treatment if you can not undergo surgery.

If treatment strike once, you will notice that the soft tissues of your hands and feet are smaller and your face regains its normal shape. That takes some time. Did you have much suffer from excessive perspiration? Take it off. Any diabetes (diabetes mellitus) also decreases or even disappears altogether. Further, the headache goes and go see gradually improved.

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