About Popliteal Cyst

What is a popliteal cyst?

A popliteal cyst is a swelling in the knee. It feels like a soft swelling filled with water. Usually the swelling is small and painless.

How does a popliteal cyst ?

The joint cavity is filled with joint lubricating mucus or ' ' so that the joint can run smoothly. When the knee joint too much joint create mucus, can the joint capsule on a weak spot at the back of the knee go bulge. The resulting swelling is called a popliteal cyst (or baker cyst).

An excess of joint mucus can result if the knee joint is stimulated. This happens for example if:

*your knee bruised is;
*your knee wrap is torn;
*the cartilage (for example, the meniscus) is damaged.

Also rheumatism and osteoarthritis can make sure that there are too many joint mucus is created.

What are the symptoms of a popliteal cyst ?

You will discover a swelling in your knee cavity. The swelling is not every day the same size. The swelling usually does not hurt.

Some people have a throbbing sensation in the knee.

What can you do with a popliteal cyst ?

You really have to do anything to the cyst. The cyst has to do with a masalah in your knee, such as rheumatism, arthritis or a torn meniscus. If that masalah is addressed, reduces the amount of fluid in your knee and swelling often disappears by itself.

Medications at a popliteal cyst

There are no medications that cause a popliteal cyst disappears. Painkillers are almost never needed.

How it goes on at a popliteal cyst ?

We look at why your knee creates mucus as many joint and what we can do. If that cause is removed the cyst usually disappears by itself.

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