About Lifeline Medical

Lifeline is a Flemish charity campaign, grew out of the Flemish commercial TV channel VTM.

VTM was formed in 1989 and soon had a great success. The station decided to set up an awareness and fundraising. A first action was launched in 1990 and had the fight against cancer as a theme. Following the action was an opportunity group "Artists Against Cancer" was established, including Jimmy Frey, himself a cancer patient. The group scored a hit with "Living Together". On the jawaban show at the Casino Kursaal in Ostend singer Jimmy Frey appeared on stage, heavily marked by the disease. The action brought that year more than 180 million BEF.

In 1991, the action revolved around cardiovascular disease. Another grup musik was assembled, Artists With A Heart, which scored a hit with "From now on". In 1992, Mimi Smith became involved in the campaign, which was about multiple sclerosis. Artists With A Heart brought the song "Hand in Hand". Henceforth, the action was organized every two years. Henceforth, every action would also have a godparent.

In 1994, Luc Appermont was the godfather of the action, this time around asthma and lung diseases. Another Lifeline Song was released, "A sign of life." With the meter Greet Rouffaer was the theme in 1996 diabetes. Artists With A Heart sang this year, "I care about you." For the first time one could still make donations by telephone during the jawaban show. This resulted in a new record amount of more than 200 million francs on. With meter Gerty Christoffels was one action around cardiovascular disease again in 1998. The Lifeline song was "The way to your heart."

In 2000, they first worked together with King Baudouin Foundation. Meter was Kathy Pauwels campaign on asthma and allergy. The song of the campaign was "Wonderful trip". In 2002, the Lifeline Children's Fund was established by the King Baudouin Foundation. The campaign turned that year also for safety of children. For the action and the Children's released an album Lifeline 2002 when several Flemish artists brought a number. Especially for the action was also made a comic strip Suske en Wiske, a humorous lesson. It brought together more than 6 million.

In 2004, the action again on road safety. By Walter Van Beirendonck fluorescent jackets were designed. The action continued to focus on traffic and in 2006 they paid attention to more and safe cycling. Tom Boonen was the face of an awareness campaign. Artists With A Heart brought the song "All World". In 2008, the dolls Zeppe & Zikki became the face of the campaign. They got their own programs on VTM.

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