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About Anorexia Nervosa : How To Treat Anorexia ?

How anorexia is treated depends on the advanced nature of the condition. First of all, one must therefore assess the situation. The doctor then refers you to the necessary care providers, so that they prepare your treatment plan. The treatment plan is again dependent on your physical, psychological and social condition.

 How anorexia is treated depends on the advanced nature of the condition About Anorexia Nervosa : How To Treat Anorexia ?

How can anorexia be treated ?

The first step is to assess your health. In other words; how bad you are. Your doctor or specialist will assess the progress of anorexia based on physical examination and conversations. The doctor and / or specialist assesses:

- your physical condition and medical needs
- your social needs
- whether you are able to harm yourself
- the severity of the eating disorder

How can anorexia nervosa be treated ?

The treatment depends on how much you are involved and varies from part-time admission to day admission or complete admission to a hospital or institution in extreme cases. Part time intake is recommended for less severe forms of anorexia nervosa and is most common.

It is important that anorexia is recognized and treated as quickly as possible. The treatment of anorexia usually involves ...

- Psychological counseling and therapy
- support from a nutritionist

These treatment methods work better if they are applied together and in a coordinated way. The doctor will regularly monitor your situation:

- He regularly checks your weight. Is there progress or relapse?
- Your general health is monitored.

If necessary, the doctor changes the treatment plan.

Young children with anorexia are monitored for their growth. Anorexia has an inhibiting effect on development. The health problems associated with anorexia are also treated. Your body weight is gradually brought back to the normal minimum BMI. You get more food that is healthy and nutritious. Initially in small quantities that are gradually being enlarged. In the end, anorexia is replaced by a healthy diet: three healthy and nutritious meals a day.

The treatment plan

After you have been examined (and anorexia has been identified), steps will be taken to help you as quickly as possible. In the worst case you will be admitted to a specialized institution where you will receive help from:

- specialized supervisors
- a therapist or psychologist
- nursing
- a dietitian

Children are also assigned a pediatrician.

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